10 PS3 tricks you should know.

"1) Play games from any country

Harbouring a desire to play Super Gaiden Ninja XI? Now you can. In fact, you can handily play any PS3 game from any country. On holiday in the States and spot the latest release at a bargain dollar-to-pound price? Help yourself. So far, at least, PS3 games aren't being region coded. That said PS2 and PS1 games are so you can't play a US title on a Euro console.

And let's not forget that Blu-ray movies are region-coded so the barriers aren't completely down yet."

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jodonn083432d ago

this is actually pretty helpful.

so does this mean i can buy the 15 euro lair from amazon uk and play it on my ps3 in the us?

resistance1003432d ago


Also its £15 POUNDS not euro so works out about $30 or 22 Euro's.

Still Amazon Uk don't deliver worldwide only in UK

ArduousAndy3432d ago

amazon uk does deliver world wide.

Vip3r3432d ago

It's pounds "£" in the UK not Euros. But yeah, give it a go. ;)

The Snake3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Amazon UK does not ship video games worldwide. I live in the US and I tried to get a copy of Lair, but they wouldn't let me.

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razer3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

it makes a mean burger!


@2.1 : Agreed.. But a fried egg on a burger is the best

Vip3r3432d ago

Sure does.

Burger > Fried Egg


BulletToothtony3432d ago

i'm gonna try it.. i like having everything organized in my ps3

redsymphony3432d ago

nice post going to try the album art one

timmyp533432d ago

there is no secret. Most of this stuff is in the manual.

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The story is too old to be commented.