Sony's PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment hits the bulls-eye

Ars Technica - "In short, this thing is damn near perfect. It feels good and heavy in your hand, all the buttons are easily accessible—although the start and select buttons on the side need a good amount of pressure to hit—and the trigger is responsive. It even looks attractive, with bold swaths of color and a design that's way more inviting and striking than either the Wii Zapper or the third-party solutions hitting the market."

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Jerk1202683d ago ShowReplies(6)
bustamove2682d ago

What right do you have to tell him how to spend his money? You must be jealous or something.

Ilikegames762682d ago

attachment makes me feel like Flash Gordon of the sixties, very retro in design. I'm waiting for Time Crisis game to be release before buying Move.

Rainstorm812682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

it released tuesday i thought.... that and The Shoot

Tapewurm2682d ago

both are very good and this peripheral should go nicely with them...back to the store again lol :)

Pennywise2682d ago

Yeah... TC released this week.


not in uk :(

this attachment is £11.99 in toysrus btw

wat6342682d ago

I thought a remote was enough for you guys.

Guess not.

Shadow Flare2682d ago

I thought sales figures were enough for you guys

wat6342682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

it is, what more do we need?

@below we have enough

@hot4play - i have 2 years left in my account, and im on amazon buying a few games, while that, im on here.

at least kinect doesn't need add ons, just a camera and a game, and there you have it!

@shadow and your exclusives, also multiplats

Shadow Flare2682d ago

And by 'enough' he means gears of war 3

hot4play2682d ago

What are you doing here in a PS3 article?

Guess maybe your xbox live gold account ran out of funds or something if you've got nothing else to do... :)

ANYWAY, love the gun's design. Will be getting this for Time Crisis! (which can't be done on Kinect BTW according to Namco. Pew Pew Pew!)

Oh and wat634, you will eat your words when MS releases a "revolutionary controller add-on" for Kinect within a year so they can properly compete with the Move and Wii. :)

hot4play2682d ago

KIDS AT HEART with money :)

blusoops2682d ago

That's why kinect pre orders are so high.

nycredude2682d ago

I'd pay an absurd amount just to abolish the internet of retards and trolls, and oh Bungie.

air12682d ago

Not bad only 2 360 fanatics. Now go over to the "free software for kinect". night and day....

Anyway, will they have this in any other color? Not liking the red much.

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