Retro game franchises that need a reboot: Mutant League Football

Sports games can be daunting, but there a select few titles out there that appeal to both the casual and hardcore markets. Mutant League Football definitely fit the bill, but it is long overdue for a remake for a new generation of gamers.

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darklordzor2830d ago

Yes, please yes! I loved this game and actually still have it for my Genesis. I don't care for the football games, and the only sports games I've enjoyed in recent memory were games like the 'Street' series. Nothing too regimented. We need a fun sports game, not just a simulation, and that's a perfect solution for it.

RoboRyan2830d ago

Completely agree that this is way overdue for a reboot. I enjoy traditional sports games, but definitely would like to see more options out there, including games that are a bit lighter. Tecmo Bowl Throwback was released this year, so I guess there's always some hope your favorite games of yesteryear will come back.

domo3252830d ago

LMAO. I remember this game so well, always loved the crazy music and screams that comes on when you boot it up. A reboot is definitely long overdue.

poison_shadow2826d ago

Huh. I think I heard of this before, but never played it... looks pretty fun though.