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saint_john_paul_ii2830d ago

amazing...I cant wait till this releases. im going to SLI my GTX 470 before i do though.

TOO PAWNED2830d ago

Just another enigne that wont have one singe game released on it. it is like Crytech vs Unreal Engine 3. Crytech engine was supposed to overtake market share, where is it now? Two games on it, Crysis and that god of war wanna be 360 exclusive.

toaster2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

This won't be a game you fool.. it's a benchmark. Please don't talk shit about something you know nothing of. Have fun being stuck in DX9 while PC is pushing the bleeding edge of technology.

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TheIneffableBob2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Crytek said that several publishers have already licensed CryENGINE 3 to be used in games so... nyah-hah!

wwm0nkey2830d ago

lol TOO PAWNED thinks this is an engine XD

TOO PAWNED2830d ago

title says engine, i havent even looked at video, since i know its nothing new. who cares

toaster2830d ago

@ too pawned

Come back to defend your dignity? It says benchmark in the description. It says Tech Demo in the title. Last time I checked people don't play benchmarks.

Nothing new? DX11 isn't new to you because you've never heard of it, you know.. still being stuck in DX9 and all. Tessellation, Advanced DOF, more polygons than your little lunchbox of a gaming platform can produce.

You not even looking at the video proves your ignorance.. I've seen even console fanboys be amazed by PC graphics. Just face it.. no matter how hard you rant consoles will never hold candle to the pure horsepower of PC. Even the low tier last gen cards outclass the Xenos and PS3 GPU. Not to mention more and more people are adopting quad cores and hyperthreading is just beginning to take off.

You wouldn't care because you're content with low resolutions, low quality textures, minimal AA and low AF.

For a society that tends to want to push technology to the max, a lot of people sure love dwelling in the past.

TOO PAWNED2830d ago

like i said i don't care, i just saw engine, thats all.

Sarcasm2830d ago

lol TOO PAWNED sorta PAWNED himself didn't he?

It's alright man, just admit you made a mistake and take it like a man.

STONEY42829d ago

Wow TOO PAWNED... IT'S A BENCHMARK TOOL. Seriously, it even says it right under the title. And I'm really surprised you've never heard of 3DMARK, it's an insanely popular benchmark.

People that can't read the first sentence under the headline *sigh*. What is the world coming to?

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evrfighter2830d ago

you can really see how much it handled the gpu this was recorded on. This looks like around 20-25 fps.

steve30x2830d ago

LOL Yeah right. With a DX11 game done right Uncharted three wouldnt look as good.

Mista T2830d ago

maybe next gen if your lucky :)

Chris_TC2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I don't know, this doesn't really wow me. It's barely better than Crysis. Especially considering that the benchmark contains no AI, physics or a huge environment.

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Nihilism2830d ago

Only possible with the power of the Cell(TM). Oops wrong meeting again *facepalm*

CountDracula2830d ago

yoo woold need many ps3's to run this.

SexyPrawns2830d ago

Supposing they had this running on a PS3.

What would you say then?

pr0digyZA2830d ago

I don't get your point. It's not on it.

SexyPrawns2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

You guys can say that all you want. You haven't seen Rage on PS3, in person.

The PS3 is capable of this. It just takes a talented developer to do it.

frodobaggins2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Quick edit there. First you posted about how the ps3 was capable of doing the physics, why did you change it? Because you realised it was graphics benchmarking software?

EDIT:Actually, maybe you still think it's a game engine. I'm not sure.

wwm0nkey2830d ago


No the PS3 isnt capable or any console, this uses DX11 and SEVERAL things that you can NOT do on consoles.

Letros2830d ago

This is using hardware based tessellation, the PS3 is not capable of that. This is using SM 5.0, the PS3 is not capable of that. This is using textures that don't look like sh!t, the PS3 is not capable of that. Get a clue dude, PS3 games look like crap, hell the only reason I have one is for GT5.

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jjmustoe2830d ago

but many many more xbox 360's

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