Capcom, Ninja Theory discuss Dante's new look

When Capcom tasked Enslaved developer Ninja Theory with reimagining Dante for a new Devil May Cry game, they initially responded with designs similar to the Dante's original look. But according to Ninja Theory's Tameem Antonaides, Capcom wanted something completely different: "Capcom were clear that they wanted a totally new vision for the DMC series,” Antonadies said in an interview with Game Kudos. “We’ve all been working together on this new vision."

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kvg882739d ago

I want the old Dante back!

Quagmire2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Then go and play DMC 1-4. I for one am waiting to see how Ninja Theory handles this ip, after their previous 2 awesome games.

If there is ANYONE to blame for the design change, its Capcom, not NT. NT gave them designs close to original Dante, but Capcom wanted a completely different approach to his design, so NT had to do what the big bad boss says.

Apocalypse Shadow2739d ago

YOU go play enslaved and let the fans have what THEY want.....

the old dante was perfectly fine before the f#ckups at capcom wait...FIRED clover studios which is now platinum games.

it's capcom AND ninja theory's fault.

Quagmire2739d ago

Clover Studios had nothing to do with Devil may Cry! My god, do some research before you troll.