Is This Kinect Ad More To Your Liking?

This video just popped up on YouTube, purporting to be the debut advertisement for Kinect once its television marketing campaign begins. Ads that leaked out before this one were "unfinished."

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Shoko2827d ago

That's better, although, this just made the people look LESS stupid. It still looks a little silly.

blitz06232827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Well they didn't really show what was on the screen til late in the video. First thing I noticed was the guys jumped then 1-2 secs later their avatars on the jumped (:45)

It's actually gonna be hard enjoying and having fun if your actions aren't even in sync with the screen. Sure people will adjust to the delay but at least for me that takes out the 'realism' that Kinect is supposed to show.

-Alpha2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So? People don't really care if they are having fun together. Yes, it's silly jumping around, but that never stopped people playing plastic guitars are jumping on four direction pads to mimic dancing.

If people are going to have fun, then what's the big deal?

I think the ad was just fine, there is no need to be so picky about it. MS really knows how to advertise to their crowds. It's a very appealing and effective ad, and no matter how much we may hate it this thing has a good chance at selling pretty damn well this Christmas.

bviperz2827d ago

You don't seem like you hate it at all. I don't hate it either and I'm with you about giving it a chance, but I don't like where this is going right now. I like new tech as much the next guy but this isn't priced at a casual price point in this economy. For that kind of money you better show games (or a game) that takes advantage of that tech. MS shouldn't spout all that 'the awesome tech' and 'what it's able to do' and 'the future of motion control is here' crap then only show games that aren't. At least Sony had Heavenly Sword to showcase a glimpse of what's in store for the future. People have fun seeing who can get the first paper ball in the rubbish can, and that's free. Doesn't make it okay to charge $150 for it.

blumatt2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

lol I notice they're too scared to put the $150 pricetag on the commercial. haha All joking aside, I'm sure this commercial will appeal to the casuals and they'll all be interested in it, but, as I just stated, the $150 pricetag may scare some of them away. Of course, I did just drop $200 on Move controllers, so I can't say much. haha ;) (Though the Move controllers I feel are a better investment since they work so damn precisely and are going to be supported by some great hardcore titles in the near future: Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Socom 4, etc.

shadyiswin2826d ago

My mom use to spend at least $500 on me every xmas and I have 2 sisters. Most parents will be relived that this isn't some new expensive console. $150 with a game is a solid xmas gift. Nothing will be played with more by the kid, if they dont have an xbox already then they will spring for a $299 bundle, pricey but definitely do able. I don't know if it's ny or everywhere else but recession doesn't effect certain things like xmas shopping to the point that kids won't get what they want, oc watch people spend hundreds a day on b/s. The effect is minor like usually I'd get the console I wanted, clothes and toys. Now it's like kids will get that must have for them being a kinect knowing if they get that they might not get anything else and that will be fine with them. With all that said $150 is not that much at all, I made $150 4 days in a row last week, was gonna get the 250 bundle but now I'm thinking another laptop and a stand alone kinect even though I know I could sell that bundle for a profit....

Cx2Fake2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

@shadyiswin not every mom has loads of money to spend like your mom or especially if you consider kinect to be a quality product which is not even worth $150 plus tax. i would rather get a wii than kinect.

Trebius2826d ago

Not everyone is as fortunate as you.

jack_burt0n2826d ago

"You dont need to do anything you dont already do, you dont need to know anything you dont already know."

Wait what!?!??!?!?! so i can just stand and run on the spot and its exactly the same experience whether i have kinect or not LMFAO.

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saint_john_paul_ii2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

i thought i was watching a Anti-drug PSA commercial. whats up with those camera effects, do they want people to get epilepsy or something?

seinfan2827d ago

Tell me, is the pope after Ratzinger the Antichrist?

BulletToothtony2827d ago

they have to do that jittering to look cool.. otherwise if they show the people just playing it it would look boring..

Bigpappy2827d ago

I think it will be effective with the casuals it is aimed at. I shows the unique aspects of Kinect gameplay.


Agreed, we don't have to like it, as it's not aimed at us so far, it's ok as far as they don't expect us to support it either.

I'm a PS fan first and foremost and I'm not into Move just yet too. I want to test it out (it's simply not in Brazil yet, they say November) and I'm excited of what they have announced for it in the future, but right now I would only play RE5, MAG and HR, which I already play with DS3 just right, so I'll wait a bit more.

That's the good thing of those motion controls different from the Wii: they aren't being forced down our throats. If you don't like motion controls or simply don't want to rush out to get one, you can pass it without missing on major games. For sure Wii has a classic controller too, but not every game supports it.

alb18992826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

ok, ok, ok, who is us?

why you talk in plural always as if you are a gang or a group?

l'm consider my self a gamer but i will buy maybe is done for me too.

acedoh2827d ago

but Microsoft needs a better ad campaign. They always try the catchy music approach but it never works. I can see people coming home from work looking forward to playing imagination gaming. I just don't see it doing well. If I'm wrong then so be it. But at least with the Move advertisements you can actually get a feel for the games.

The Lazy One2827d ago

@"They always try the catchy music approach but it never works"

on you maybe. You think they don't have focus groups in every state and every country to figure out how best to make their commercials?

acedoh2827d ago

They should use Apple as an example of how good catchy music can help sell a product as compared to generic music. Focus groups don't guarantee success. Good marketing on the other hand does.

The Lazy One2826d ago

yea... I'm sure microsoft is crying over their piles of money because their commercials aren't good enough for you.

shadyiswin2826d ago

The kinect commercials we'll be seeing are not these. These are more like for promotions. The commercials we'll see over and over will be more informative, I'm betting on it. I have yet to see any of this marketing blitz lol, I'm cutting my tv off after I get mines. Sony has like 4 diff move commercials in rotation, I see them constantly. If kinect is gonna out do them I'd get annoyed even though I love kinect lol.

Nihilism2827d ago

I don't need a scripted add to tell me what's good, i've seen unedited gameplay footage and it's not f-ing good.

P.S cue: "you guyyyyyz, why you always hating on kinect"

I hate it because it is like being told how good 640x480 is in a generation where 1080p is the minimum standard...there is much better, cheaper motion control or other control inputs eg. gamepad of mouse.

IHateYouFanboys2827d ago

remember how sony told you that all games on the PS3 will be 1080p with 120fps and in 4D? you mustve really loved that when you got a PS3 and 4 years later games still struggle to be 720p with 30fps.

BrianG2827d ago

Point being, nobody likes when the gaming industry or its companies lie to us. Its never a good thing.

Unless its like " hey this game is $60", Okay, I'll go pick it up, "sike, its FREE". That's an awesome lie.

Apocalypse Shadow2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

put up links from any sony executive saying those very things were going to be standard for all games or STFU.

they said support 1080p,support 120fps which the camera and newer tvs do.and,4D was ken k. speaking of ps3 as a connected system beyond 2D planes of 8/16 bit era and 3D of ps1/ps2 era.

hoping,supporting and doing like with pseye ans 120fps is better than your links fool....

visualb2826d ago

god I hate you fanboys, and according to your name, you must hate yourself

The Wood2826d ago

fanboys lie...especial ones on defense mode. Most of the time they just regurgitate what their friends or other misinformed people spout. Ask him for a link and you'll be waiting until the Olympics and im not even talking about the one in 2012. Ask him if he's even read an article which says what he said they said and you'll get ZERO response..job done for exposing yet another troll. No company is perfect and sony have tarnished their own name in the past for varying things but when trolls attack they should at least get their facts correct before they shoot.

In terms of kinect im still on the fence somewhat. Im glad it will get some more casuals into gaming like the wii has done (ive never hated on the wii) But everything shown up till now on top of MS's conduct up to now leaves me and many other with little confidence.... Functionality and playability has been conveniently been replaced but 'it looks fun' .......actors are meant to make things look fun just like celebrities and faked shows..

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