Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

CFD!'s John DeLuca weighs in on what is arguably the most anticipated PC release of the year:

"Okay, here’s the deal: over a decade ago (which is like a century in computer and video game years), Blizzard Entertainment released a real time strategy game called StarCraft. It was met with glowing critical reviews and strong sales, and quickly grew to become an international phenomenon, garnering millions of players from across the globe and helping to expand the fledgling professional gaming community. A few years ago, Blizzard finally announced that a sequel was forthcoming. StarCraft fans were of course elated, but couldn’t help wondering if Blizzard was up to the task of making a brand new game that evolved and expanded upon the original while still staying true to its roots. For years, the world watched and waited with bated breath…

"Now that we finally have StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in our hands, was the wait worth it?


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RobsteinOne2743d ago

Stupid MacBook. Starcraft 2 works on it, but it doesn't look anywhere near as pretty as it does in most screenshots.

BulletToothtony2743d ago

looks AMAZING on my iMac on Ultra settings

tigresa2743d ago

Noo the campaign story is epic as sin! I'm on the last or second-to-last mission, and I drool over every ounce of it I have time to sink my life into.

ShadowPraxis2743d ago

Yet another to add to my (ever-growing) backlog for 2010. *sigh*

SynGamer2743d ago

Warcraft 3? Sure! There's something about the space setting that turns me off when it comes to RTSs...

ShadowPraxis2743d ago

See, for me it was just the opposite. I got super tired of fantasy-based RTSes. Sci-fi was a nice palate cleanser for me.

Rhezin2743d ago

Warcraft 3 sounds like a plan, none of this World of Warcraft sh!t.

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