Crush! Frag! Destroy! PAX 2010: inFamous 2 – Hands-On Preview

CFD!'s Sage Knox turns in yet another preview from PAX Prime 2010 - this time following hands-on time with inFamous 2:

"Sony’s got a booth at PAX. It’s PlayStation branded. There are games there.

"One of those games is inFamous 2, the sequel to one of the PS3′s finest titles. During the quiet hour of PAX 2010, CFD! snuck over and snatched up the world’s greasiest controller in order to test out Cole McGrath’s next adventure."

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RobsteinOne2826d ago


I suppose I should finally get around to playing the first one.

ShadowPraxis2826d ago

Despite some flaws, the first one was most certainly worth playing. It's on Greatest Hits now, if I'm not mistaken.

DORMIN2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

You missing out, best open world game this gen after Red Dead.

OT: Can't wait for this game!

tigresa2826d ago

Wow they brought inFamous 2 to the fans at PAX? That's awesome.

ShadowPraxis2826d ago

There were a lot of games playable there that I didn't think would be. Sadly, most of them I never got around to going hands-on with. Stupid networking...

JBaby3432826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I loved the first inFamous and with the massive disappointment that the Force Unleashed II is looking to be compared to the first TFU, this will be my most appreciated superhero-esque game.

I don't understand people's fascination with melee combat in games like these. If I have super powers the last thing I want to do is bludgeon people in the normal manner.

Still though, Sucker Punch Rocks!

Dark-Cloud2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

melee is a good thing in the games but not with that weapon , i don't like the weapon he use .... -.-

but i love this game :D ....

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