Soundtrack Spotlight: Essence of Lime

CFD!'s Nate Andrews returns with another Soundtrack Spotlight, this time focusing on the Zelda remix project, Essence of Lime:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is a weekly CFD! feature devoted to all things VGM. Every week we celebrate the best in game music, highlight new releases and forgotten tracks, and bring you the best in auditory awesomeness."

"Having been released a mere month ahead of the North American launch of the Game Boy Advance, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and its sister game Oracle of Seasons were indubitably the last great games to grace the aging Game Boy Color. Though they performed quite well both critically and commercially, their otherwise fantastic music was limited by the technical constraints of the GBC."

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RobsteinOne2744d ago

I might have to look into this a little further...

tigresa2744d ago

Epic. +_+ Zelda will always be on the top for video game music, as well as remixes of said music.

ShadowPraxis2744d ago

I never played the GB Color Zelda titles, so I have no nostalgic ties to these tunes, but it's always neat to see people doing cool stuff with them.

The Shank soundtrack, on the other hand, I really enjoyed.

SynGamer2744d ago

I've never played a Zelda game aside from the original on the Nintendo... *eek!*

ShadowPraxis2744d ago

Don't feel bad. Except for a couple of hours of Twilight Princess, I never played any of them after Link To The Past >.>

thisdustin2744d ago

I played Seasons but not Ages, and now you make me feel like I should go back to it.

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