Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

CFD!'s Sage Knox returns to the tombs with Lara Croft's new look:

"The Tomb Raider franchise has certainly had its ups and downs. Not only did it fall out of favor with its fan base during the PS2 era, but Lara Croft’s mantle was then stolen by a thieving, Indiana Jones-type character created by none other than Sony and Naughty Dog. After a solid but financially disappointing return to form in Tomb Raider: Legend, developer Crystal Dynamics has taken a creative turn and changed Lara’s signature ass-camera perspective to an isometric angle, added a second playable character, and shortened the game’s length. Viola! Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light."

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tigresa2862d ago

Multiplayer's finally out!

RobsteinOne2862d ago

The trial seemed pretty cool, but the price is just too steep for my liking.

ShadowPraxis2862d ago

Best get used to it, sir - $15 is the new $10 :/

Still, I agree. The trial was a lot of fun. I still wanna pick it up sometime soon.

SynGamer2862d ago

I lucked out and got the game for free via GameSpot, but overall, not impressed. It looks ok, but it's far too easy and extremely repetitive :(

ShadowPraxis2862d ago

I can agree that what I played in the demo was a bit repetitive, but who says every game has to be super challenging? Not everything has to be Demon's Souls hard, eh?

Georgieboysaxe2862d ago

but who knows, maybe another play through being as I enjoyed the points made within the review in order...