PlayStation Move review: "the best gaming peripheral this side of the gamepad" (GGG)

GGG: "The PlayStation Move is attempting to provide the best of both worlds, with games that appeal to both casual and serious gamers. We tested the gadget with a self-confessed 'hardcore gamer' and a child who was all of two years old — neither of whom wanted to stop playing.

Whether you're a serious gamer looking for something fresh, or simply require a new toy for the family, we're confident that the PlayStation Move will deliver."

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whateva2829d ago

even older people that don't play games

Redrum0592829d ago

i have to admit that i wasnt too fond of the move.
but with all the praise its getting from gamers and websites/reviewers alike, i might end up purchasing the whole move set when KZ3 releases.

woot!!! :)

BaneWilliams2829d ago

German Goo Girls? I mean that's all it stands for for me.

PinkFunk2829d ago

Hahaha. Right on brotha.

deadreckoning6662829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

"Some of the PlayStation Move's launch titles include Sports Champions (which features archery, table tennis, and gladiatorial combat), Kung Fu Rider (a comedy ride-an-office chair game), a bare-knuckle brawler called The Fight: Lights Out, and the third-person adventure game Sorcery."

Sorcery isn't a Playstation Move launch title. Did these people even do their research, much less actually play Move?

Xof2829d ago

I've never felt the need to buy any peripheral equipment. I mean, there's just too little to justify it. Most games aren't gonna take advantage of it, and of those games that do, fewer still will be good, and of that fraction, odds are I'd only be interested in playing a fraction of them.

This applies not just to these silly motion-control things that Sony and MS are pucshing... but to all the many other peripherals gamers have been told to buy over the years. That Sony Eye thing. The N64 expansion pack. Those wacky gamer mice with twenty-odd buttons. Force feedback. Etc., etc.

The biggest problem with this generation of gaming is that the big companies are focused on the wrong things. Sony, Microsoft... it's not about the hardware. It's never about the hardware--it's about the GAMES. It's always been about the games, and it will always be about the games. People overlooked the 360's crappy hardware early on because it had great games. People overlook the PS3's ever-expanding list of removed functions now because it has great games.

And don't even get me started on how motion control itself is inherently inferior to simply controller or mouse input devices. Yikes.

raztad2829d ago

Well I actually use MOVE in MAG with pretty good results. I dont get that "inherent inferiority" you are mentioning.

Xof2829d ago

It's simple, really: mice and controllers offer more precise input. Mostly, because it's not a 1:1 conversion. It's easiest to use a laptop analogy: keyboard and mouse (controller) versus tablet/stylue (motion control). To move the pointer from one end of the screen to the other, I have to move the stylus all the way across. With a mouse, I only need to nudge it.

Basically, with a mouse, you can accomplish the same input with only a fraction of the energy--making it vastly more efficient. This efficiency is increased when you realize that the mouse (controller) can be rested on another surface, while the stylue (motion controller) has to be manually lifted.

Motion controllers can be a lot of fun (personally, I love the idea, I just don't think the technology is quite as good as I want it to be) but as an input device... motion controllers will always be inferior to our current methods of input, simply because they're less efficient. Mice/controllers also offer greater precision more easily.

The same way that mice have greater precision and are inherently superior than controllers--they're more efficient, precise and versatile. It's not really a matter of how skilled you are at using a particular type of input device.... I can write, by hand, incredibly quickly (faster than most people can type) but a keyboard will always be the superior writing device simply because it's vastly more efficient.

doG_beLIEfs2829d ago

"To move the pointer from one end of the screen to the other, I have to move the stylus all the way across. With a mouse, I only need to nudge it."

If you have played Move as you would know that it takes VERY LITTLE movement from the Move to move your cursor from 1 side of the screen to the other. You also do not need to hold your arms can easily rest them like you do with a standard controller because the movement is so accurate with its SUB millimeter precision.

Like it or not...Move is the final product of TEN years of trial and error culminating with the best of both worlds in one light and perfectly form fitting device.

raztad2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

No offense Xof but you are just theorizing/speculating and assuming stuff.

I'm not specially skilled at gaming (much less playing competitive online) and still I can do well enough with MOVE in MAG.

MOVE is precise and responsive. Yes, it takes some time to get used to it, but it is worth the effort. I'm not saying it is better than DS3 or mice but it works pretty good, and more importantly is fun to use.

DORMIN2829d ago

I understand what you are saying Xof, but at some point these kind of things/tools evolve which is what makes technology so interesting. A mouse can sometimes actually be defined as a peripheral because its connected from the exterior.

Of course its about the games, but games are also about immersion and entertainment, which is what motion gaming is trying to do. One thing the Move may have, by theory, over a controller or a mouse is the control over 3D space which can only be supported by the right software.

For now i'm still sticking to my M/K combo or controllers for now, but i'm looking forward to testing the accuracy of the Move with the right games.

Boody-Bandit2828d ago

*runs away frightened for his life*

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-Alpha2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

You are right, games should always be the first choice for the companies and gamers.

Only thing stopping me from getting Move is the games I want to buy instead.

But I see this only an issue with MS, who seem to have an infinite wallet, but they just spend it on the worst places.

I don't think it's wrong that Sony and MS are venturing out into new areas. I suppose the issue is the late stage add-ons. I still think Move could be a good replacement for the PS4 to sell side by side or bundled with launch consoles. But Sony is intentionally pushing Move as an optional peripheral.

MS on the other hand are pushing Kinect as a whole other product, hence the massive advertising

bviperz2829d ago

Hey, a mouse is a peripheral. Don't forget that.

Xof2829d ago

And back then, it was my father who did the buying, not me.

But, damn, I hated DOS. Always had piles of stick-notes pressed on the computer, reminding me of all the various commands to use. Goddamn, those were the dark ages all right.

cmrbe2829d ago

PS3 owners are struggling to buy all PS3 exclusive let alone all the great multi-plats right?.

Sony not focusing on games?. What planet are you from?.

PinkFunk2829d ago

Id venture and agree with some of these pro Move comments. The move, though I've personally never tried (yet really looking forward to) seems to be very much accurate and in fact so accurate that some notable developers (GG and Zipper) have mentioned the initial difficulty for DS3 users to migrate to the Move for the precise reason that DS3 users weren't as "still" as they though they were (and thus not quite as accurate). So I look forward to test more accurate ways to aim my cursor. Anyway, as i've never tried it yet, my optimism is unfounded, though I draw upon the majority of major reputable reviewers have testified to the high quality accuracy of the Move. Man im drunk... end post for me

raztad2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I dont know if I get what you mean, but yes. The aiming with MOVE is obviously affected by your wrist movements. The MOVE is so accurate it can track slight trembling of your hands. That pose a serious problem because you move your wrist involuntarily.

What Zipper did was to add a very small deadzone, so the pointer remains still even if you got a shaky hand. Of course the draw back is that some aim asist is in place to help to overcome the deadzone. I mean, if you target is moving inside the deadzone there is nothing you can do to aim correctly because the pointer doesnt move. I dont think this auto aim is any worst than the typical auto aim in most shooters out there.

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masterofpwnage2829d ago

amazing. i cant wait for sorcery.
the game play looks sick

lets go giants.

good job

KratosGod32829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I just got Move... And man is amazing how accurate it is, I'm playing RE5 and MAG with it. All I can say is real fun to play with move.
I Can't wait to play KZ3, LBP2, Dead Space, SOCOM4 and many more.

Ilikegames762829d ago

if some older games will eventually have Move support. Games like Demon's Soul, Folklore and even Heavenly Sword with Move support will make these games play differently.

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