Crush! Frag! Destroy! - PAX 2010: Brink – Hands-On Preview

CFD!'s Sage Knox got some hands-on time with Splash Damage's Brink last month at PAX Prime 2010:

"As part of our tour of the Bethesda booth during PAX 2010, CFD! got a chance to take a look at Splash Damage’s new squad-based first-person shooter, Brink. The game certainly looks like a 360 title, even though it’s running on high-end desktops with a dedicated server for multiplayer."

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RobsteinOne2739d ago

I'm rather looking forward to this, actually. Which is saying a lot since I'm not a huge FPS guy.

tigresa2739d ago

I don't know all too much about it yet - seems interesting, I think. I'm not crazy about the art style though so I'll probably let it slide past me I have a feeling. More looking forward to Bethesda's Hunted: The Demon Forge.

ShadowPraxis2739d ago

Played a bit of Hunted at PAX - it feels like it still needs work to me, but it has potential.

As for Brink, I keep hearing it compared to TF2, but with no real defining reason as to why I should play it instead of the game they keep comparing it to. Meh. I dunno.

SynGamer2739d ago

Yeah, the art style has definitely thrown me off. It just looks...I dunno, 'meh'. You know? Perhaps I'm just getting tired of shooters? *Boots up Fallout: New Vegas*

No Way2739d ago

I actually like the art direction.. it's different.
A lot of games now a days all have the same look, same style.

It's nice to switch it up every now and again.

Bathyj2739d ago

"A parkour button is used to vault over cover and move quickly between gaps."

I wonder how hard its going to be to go back to these reletivly slow moving shooters after playing Vanquish.

Nihilism2739d ago

The game support BOTS. That is all I need to know. Every aspect of the online can play offline. You can play with bots on either side of the campaign, you can play LAN with people able to jump in and out mid game, and you can play online with 14 year old foul mouthed trolley-boy sounding douchebags on steam...your choice ;)

+ The game looks like *FUN*, graphics are also pretty sweet.

NecrumSlavery2739d ago

Yeah its like borderlands, killzone, & mirrors edge made a baby. lets hope the delivery goes well.

No Way2739d ago

One of my most anticipated games.. I've been looking forward to this for some time.