Kinect's Safe Cracking Tech Demo

Can Kinect recognise individual finger movements? It can if the fingers are close enough. Kudo Tsunoda tells IGN about a very cool sounding tech demo.

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jack who2826d ago

i wouldnt mind playing this demo

number472826d ago

wouldn't mind seeing it. But thats been the same since e3.

andrewsqual2826d ago

Exactly. Tech demos? The thing is out in 2 weeks and they are talking about tech demos? This is insane.

Biggest2826d ago

So he talked about something that we can't see. Sounds like a lot of what he has said about Kinect already. Even if this were true, and I doubt it because Kudo lies, it doesn't explain finger tracking. Your fingers may hold the safe's combo-knob, but it's your wrist doing the work.

rroded2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"because the depth map sensor which looks after skeletal tracking is only 320x240, which really isn't high res enough to accurately manage such a feat."

fact is kinect cant do fingers never will they dumbed it down 2 much...
stupid imo if it read fingers it could easily make up for no buttons.

ComboBreaker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Kudo showed up at IGN.

Kudo: "We got this cool safe cracking tech demo for Kinect."

IGN: "Interesting... Can we see it?"

Kudo stared for a while. Then Kudo turned around and went home.

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gamingdroid2826d ago

These creative things are something that the indie community is likely to do. When is Kinect going to be opened up to XNA/indie developers?

Soon I hope!!!

IHateYouFanboys2826d ago

dont hold your breath: http://www.computerandvideo...

""At this time only developers with established contracts with Microsoft have the ability to create Kinect games," said the rep.

"Like full retail Xbox 360 games and Xbox LIVE Arcade games, Kinect games will be created by a select group of publishers that Microsoft has partnered with for the launch."

That doesn't mean XNA devs will never get a look in. "Opening up Kinect development to XNA Creators Club members is something we may consider in the future, but no plans can be confirmed at this time," they said, although that doesn't sound too positive either. "

IHateYouFanboys2826d ago

how did i get a disagree? all i did was post a link answering the guys question lol.

Mike134nl2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

not to bust anyone's dream but you needed to walk up to the safe untill you where close enough to the sensor to do it with your fingers.
So basicly kinect won't recognise fingers unless you move closer to the kinect sensor.

Bigpappy2826d ago

A tech demo disk pack-in would have been great.

Dusdg2826d ago

I don't care if you did or did not get what he was talking about. Futurama quotes are always welcome!

Bathyj2826d ago

Thats funny. I dont know why but I was thinking about a safe cracking mechanic with motion controls only a week ago where you slowly turn the dial and have to listen for a click or feel a rumble with the controller.

This idea could be applied to heaps of things. Imagine and adventure type game where you find a radio and need to dial in a frequency to find help or manipulating some large tweezers to pull a bullet from your shoulder, if you hit a nerve you spasm.

Just a couple ideas.

facelike2826d ago

What, they first loose their pedophile support by canceling Milo, now they are looking to gain criminal support?

Jack Meahoffer2826d ago

Wow your sick man! I've seen comments that go overboard trying hard to be the best troll possible but you take the cake man. SICKO!

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