Kotaku: Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

Fans of Time Crisis, especially those who already own a GunCon 3, will want to pick this game up. It's not as easy a sell for those of you with a Move controller intrigued by the idea of playing the fun arcade game at home. There's a lot here that's enjoyable, but as soon as the game strays from replicating the arcade titles it falters and fails.

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edub10262859d ago

If you're not a fan of Time Crisis or any arcade gun game you should pass.
I played the off rails portion and it doesn't have the greatest controls but you do have the option to use the Move and Nav, Move and DS, or just the DS controller, which I prefer for the online mode and off rails story mode.
I've read a few reviews but have yet to read the game reviewed using all the aforementioned options that are available for all modes.
Not that I'm expecting AAA scores, but just want a more substantial review.