Free Games What Need Playing: Bash-Crafting Forever Edition

CFD!'s Rob Rich is back with another batch of free games, including one that has taken off quite a bit since this piece was written:

"Fight. Build. Protect. These are the key components of this edition of Free Games What Need Playing. Seeing as they’re all free, it’s less a matter of choosing which one you want and more about deciding which one you’d like to play first. But I’m getting off topic. These games will have you beating the body parts off of your opponents, protecting a sacred tree from an endless mechanical menace and hollowing out the side of a mountain in order to build your own personal stronghold by hand. And of course, as always, the best part; they’re free.

"Well, okay. The real meat-and-potatoes of Minecraft will cost you (a pittance), but you can still play a version of it for free…

"Just shut up and keep reading."

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tigresa2745d ago

Make a CFD map in Minecraft. :)

RobsteinOne2745d ago

Not entirely sure how we could do that as our "office" is a bit scattered...

Although a CFD! server would be cool. Anyone willing to set that up?

ShadowPraxis2745d ago

I still need to pick the game up, personally. If life would quit kicking me in the balls for five seconds, I could scrape the money together to get it.

Ndigity2745d ago

I can only assume that Minecraft would swallow my life if I ever came near it.

ShadowPraxis2745d ago

Agreed. I played during the "free weekend" when the authentication server was down and I was never so glad to see a game be inaccessible than I was there. It was eating all my free time.

SexyPrawns2745d ago

Whoever wrote that title should be tarred and feathered.

PS3Freak2745d ago

I didn't notice the error until I read it a second time.

RogueCheddar2745d ago

just got into Minecraft. It's incredible, just wish it wouldn't crash so much!

Gawdl3y2745d ago

Doesn't crash whatsoever for me.