CFD!’s Team DeathChat: Episode 10 – The PAX-Tacular!

The Team DeathChat crew got to sit down with a couple of special guests when they recorded live at PAX Prime 2010:

"We’re going to cut to the chase this week. No long show notes. No timecodes (it’s a short one, so you don’t really need them). No comprehensive listing of what all goes on during the episode. Just 47 minutes of Rob, Sage and a bunch of special guests (Aaron and Sarah Cherney from Sunken Treasures Games, Matt Chandronait from Area 5 and Greg Miller from IGN) talking about what they saw on the second day of PAX Prime 2010, live from the show floor in Seattle, Washington.

"Enjoy it while you recover from Post-PAX Pox, or just pretend like you were actually there and relive your fake memories.

"But either way, enjoy!"

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Ndigity2828d ago


tigresa2828d ago

Yay for above-water sounding podcasts! Wish I could've been there! PAX East is sooner than we thought. ;o

ShadowPraxis2828d ago

Hey, I had to work like hell to make this thing as listenable as it was. The raw files were just... ugh. Painful.

Still, Greg and Matt were awesome to have on and it was a fun time. We'll have to do it again at PAX East.

RobsteinOne2828d ago

I wish I could have made it this year...

ShadowPraxis2828d ago

@Rob/Nate: You just have to get your butts in gear to be ready for PAX East ;P

Georgieboysaxe2828d ago

get our shit together for PAX East, great episode & we bought the App! it's really well done!