New York Times: Medal of Honor "most disappointing game i have played this year"

The New York Times' reviewer begins his assessment of "Medal of Honor" by saying:

"Playing Medal of Honor, the new military combat game from Electronic Arts, I couldn’t stop thinking two things. First, E.A. is supposed to be better than this. And second, Activision and Call of Duty don’t have much to worry about."

After listing a number of game-stopping bugs and glitches, The Times' reviewer sums things up this way:
"Medal of Honor is the most disappointing game I have played this year."

A review of this sort, coming from the New York Times, will do nothing to enhance EA's reputation in the business community.

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imoutofthecontest2894d ago

Hahah holy crap The New York Times are epic trolls.

imoutofthecontest2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Go play Final Fantasy XIV.

NecrumSlavery2894d ago

wow ignorant media bashing MoH? /s

HSx92894d ago

just bought MoH yesterday, the online experience is fantastic.

DORMIN2894d ago

*looks at source and header in big letters*

Sooooo Medal of Honor is a new TV show?!

Cerberus21252894d ago

You got it all wrong,Seth schiesel is one of the best(if not the best)unbiase reviewers outhere,while I was a bit surprise at the way he started this review,I have no roughed in my mind that he is not taking sides,read some of his other reviews like his Heavy rain and you'll see what I'm talking about.

iamtehpwn2894d ago

FF14 or Quantum Theory.

Cerberus21252894d ago

You know they only have one person that reviews games?.and that reviews is not his only job?.He is a great wrider too.

Swiftfox2894d ago

According to VGcharts (since they are the only site I know with numbers sold) Quantum Theory has only sold around 40,000 units on both consoles in all 3 regions. This after a nearly a full month on the market.

So I'm going to hazzard a guess and havn't played it either. Honestly, it's unfair to lable a game a dissappointment or bad game when one hasn't played the game fully for themselves.

Cerberus21252894d ago

Everyone here is missing the point,he never said this is the worts game this year,or this is a really bad game,He says the because EA has being the highest standard in video games,because Medal of Honor was better than Call of Duty when they were both set back in WW II,because MoH was build to give CoD a run for its money,and his on hight expectations,All of this combine makes Medal of Honor HIS most disappointing game of the year.

XRider2894d ago

Yeah the NYT are trolls because thier review of this piss poor game is just sooooo much different than all the other low reviews of this piss poor game. After all everyone else are giving this piss poor GOTY game 9s and 10s so the NYT must be trolls.

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westy5522894d ago

You guys must not play many games then.

Ju2894d ago

Hard for some to accept that people have different taste, huh?

This game does not play like CoD. How hard can it be to accept this? If at all it some sort of BF game (MP; not sure with what to compare the SP). If you like that, than you sure can like MoH. If you like run and gun rush modes, well, no, then this game is not for you.

SP campaign is alright for what it tries to do (or what message it tries to communicate), visually meh, Tier1 can be a frustrating (some levels - e.g. that ATV part), but MP is quite alright. BF in a warzone with a bit adjusted game play (snipes and cover and more open environment which does not feel like BF).

Convas2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

LMAO! The NYT actually plays games? I call shenanigans. I bet you the posted some Farmville playing Casual up to get in on the MOH beating bandwagon because of all the controversy that's been surrounding the game in the past two or three months.

IMChampion2894d ago

My fucking christ I'm getting tired of this shit! Why are they comparing these games? Yes they are both fps' but it don't mean that they play the same. Just because its not CoD they are disappointed? WTF?! That's just like comparing every other mmo to WoW.

I agree that MoH does not really have an identity but anyone who has played it can see it is what it is, a modern day war shooter more grounded in "reality", not an arcade run and gun like cod, not that thats bad either but they are 2 distinct game.

You're right Clizzz, they need to go back to their farmville playing and leave real games alone, hop off the fucking wagon, the horse is dying.

totallysane2894d ago

in actuality EVERYONE compares new mmos to wow

Quagmire2894d ago

"I couldn’t stop thinking two things. First, E.A. is supposed to be better than this. And second, Activision and Call of Duty don’t have much to worry about."

I wonder how much Kotick paid the New York times for them to say this.

Jerk1202894d ago


They're almost as bad as Sony!

SpitFireAce852894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

HAHA is that a joke....says the guy that pays
2 fees to play online as bad as Sony lol..
Yeah free is bad LMFAO

jizzyjones2894d ago

TBF a New York post is NOT going to like a game where you can play as the Taliban are they, what did any1 expect???

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