The Nintendo Cycle: 6 Stages Every Nintendo Console Goes Through

In a few short months, Nintendo will be launching the new 3DS. Will it be as successful as the original DS? We couldn't tell you, but we can confidently foretell that games and hardware updates for the 3DS will likely be rolled out in a very predictable series of stages -- a cycle that has applied to pretty much every Nintendo console since the Super NES (and no, the damn Virtual Boy doesn't count).

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live2play2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

1: idea
3: shipped
4: to my HANDS

gumgum992891d ago

lol...that was a good read. The Nintendo fanboy exerpts made me lol.

AWBrawler2891d ago

thats some funny crap LOL. Lies, but still funny. Though I do agree at the end nintendo always goes out with a bang and they do have that strange stage.