"Super" Netflix is a Double Edged Sword for Sony

Ds writes, "It was only 3 years ago when we were all witnesses to the format war that was Toshiba's HD DVD versus Sony's Blu-Ray Disc. And as you enter any brick and mortar retailer these days, its quite easy to spot the outcome as Blu has taken over DVD sections across the country. Sony (and Toshiba) made us all believe that we should want to own physical media, and that Microsoft's all-digital future was much further off than we all thought. This week Sony's version of the Netflix streaming service is the best one yet, not just on consoles, but on any device that offers the service. With a stack of movies on Blu-Ray (250 or so) 8 times the size of my PS3 games collection, and tons of movies and shows popping up on either PSN or "Super"Netflix as I like to call it, why do I feel like it's all been a waste?"

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LordMarius2890d ago

I rather have the option to be able to use Netlfix + Hulu + Blu-Ray instead of just 1 or 2 and the only console that offers that is the PS3.
BTW Inception Blu-Ray already pre-ordered :D

Nitrowolf22890d ago

I agree with the part about their vid store
I think Sony relly needs to offer some sort of cheap subscription fee that can compete with Netflix in terms of price and content. Cause like the artilce said why would you use ps store if you have netflix? Only reason i see if for purchases and also it gets new titles faster then Netflix

unrealgamer582890d ago

Agreed, Besides getting quicker releases on the ps store The only reason to buy a title Is to have It In you're library or to transfer It to you're psp.

But that really Isn't a good enough excuse to buy a title, now Is It?

yewles12890d ago

"Cause like the artilce said why would you use ps store if you have netflix?"

My credit sucks. Until you can pay for Netflix through PSN cards, it's a no-go for me.

ActionBastard2890d ago

The PS Store gets new releases day and date, Netflix has a 29 day wait.

Hades13372890d ago

Good point raised in this article. Perhaps this is why Microsoft haven't upgraded Netflix for the 360, which is in order to give people a reason to download from the Zune marketplace.

thevokillist2890d ago

I'm a fan of all of the format types. I use them all. Nothing beats the visual quality from Blu-ray, but nothing beats the pure convienance of accessing hundreds of movies and tv shows with netflix.

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