Pixels or Pictures: GT5, Uncharted 2, Mirrors Edge

For this edition of Pixels or Pictures we really put your eyes to the test with shots that may be from three of the best looking games to date. You be the judge!

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Nihilism2739d ago

I don't care what anyone says, F exclusivity, Mirrors Edge is one of the best looking games I've ever seen. Amazing lighting and easily in my top 5 games for art style. It also has this strange this that has evaded most games this gen, i'm not sure how to pronounce it, is it- COOOLL-OOO-UUURRR?

Dramscus2739d ago

I tried to explain this to my friend when we were playing mw2 but he swears up and down that everything is grey/brow in the middle east. Yes even the trees. Apparently this is the colour of "war".

Honestly they made camouflage effective in the game by limiting the colours of the world.

GreenRingOfLife2739d ago

I agree I played the PC version of mirrors edge and it was simply stunning... leaps and bounds ahead of any graphics found on my ps3 even

Tachyon_Nova2739d ago

It's funny, everyone on here bags out games for having a limited colour palette, but when it comes to killzone, they all say "now THAT, is an epic art style"

Raf1k12739d ago

Technically amazing graphics are great but not always needed. Good art style can make something look awsome without all the technical prowess of games like Killzone. I think Mirrors Edge, Bioshock and Mass Effect prove that quite well.

I'm not bashing games like Killzone but complexity isn't always needed to create something that looks really nice.

Chris_TC2739d ago

Mirror's Edge looks so good because all the environments are pre-rendered really well, with bounce lighting and shadows baked into the textures.

The art style is great, I love the colors and the overall mood of Mirror's Edge.

Bhai2739d ago

...and in really really impressive amounts. Actually the colouring of Mirror's Edge is pretty monotonous, its pretty but its same all around.

In Uncharted 2, you have Ice/Snow area, urban area is extremely colorful, I enjoy watching Nepal and Pakistan flags in full colours fluttering around embassy, Borneo jungle is sweet as hell and the temple stage and finally the Shangri-La are rich, lush and pouring of colours. Uncharted 2 actually mocks these sepia coloured games by adding up a Sepia mode in there... showing how amazing their game looks in relation to monotonous-coloured games.

GT5, well what d'ya say. It has the most amazingly realistic colours ever, and I mean EVER! :) Its actually photorealistic.

CountDracula2739d ago

None of these look realistic.

They all have bad graphics

Venatus-Deus2739d ago

Nobody on this site needs more female interaction than you...

dontbhatin2739d ago

@jlg haha your sarcasm is retarded.

well on topic the only one thats graphics is the uncharted one. the cr and sub station are real pics.

Calm Down Sunshine2739d ago

How about this...

Is it a real chicken, or a video game chicken?

Sheddi2739d ago

oohhh thats a hard one! I'll go with a real one!

Tachyon_Nova2739d ago

None, it's a movie chicken isnt it?

Should have shown a Crysis chicken :)

Bhai2739d ago Uncharted-2 chicken for that matter :)

asgharagha2739d ago

i need mirrors edge 2 least i hopr they use that lighting in another game why they didnt use is again???????

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