Dead Space 2 Create Your Own Suit, Outer Space Battles, EA Wants Back The #1 Spot

Dead Space 2 is easily A Game Of The Year 2011 Nominee hands down. The graphics in this game and sheer gore and brutality takes Next Gen Gaming to a new level starting Janurary 2011.

Isaac is back again and although not fully confirmed gamers everywhere may be able to actually participate in the creation of making your own suit for the game how cool is that.

EA is working hard to take down Activision for the #1 publishing spot and with more hits like this, they just might.

Deep Interview and Gameplay footage Below Check It Out Now.

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deadreckoning6662826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Its Sund....wait.

EDIT: Hiphop, for some reason I couldn't watch the entire vid. It just ended mid interview. I didn't see anything about creating your own suit.

egm_hiphopgamer2826d ago

sorry problem with the upload, i'll re upload it

Sam Fisher2825d ago

this article needs to have a statement saying HIPHOPGAMER is the interviewer. im not going to watch it

kaveti66162825d ago

Sam Fisher: "But I am going to post an utterly pointless comment about how I'm not going to watch it!!! Derp Derp!"

3nd3rth32825d ago

don't usually comment or watch your videos, but since i'm really looking forward to this, i decided to give it a try. just wanted to say: good idea on the custom suits/weapons, hope they take it for ds3

freezola752825d ago

This was a good ass video sir!! I loved how you got my man amped about the game! Push ups and all bro! Keep up the good work. DS2 is shaping up to be another great sequel!

NYC_Gamer2825d ago

DS2 is one of my most wanted games next yr

Reckless7182825d ago

i really cant wait for this game

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