ISM 13 Nights of Fright: Bioshock - Weapons of Genetic Destruction

Released about 3 years ago, the 2nd game on ISM’s list of 13 Nights of Halloween would have to be Bioshock, one of the scariest games I have ever played. Those who have experienced Bioshock can attest to how scary this game truly is. In the opening moments we are introduced to the magnificently demented underwater city of Rapture. On the outside the city is a marvelous spectacle of scientific engineering.

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thecreeper2858d ago

This a very scary game! Well done.

bossblue2858d ago

Really diggin this article. Bioshock is definitely one the scarier games of our time.

TeenGoten2858d ago

Video for this article is very clever. I remember going through the level and hearing this music. Very creepy! Can't wait for Bioshock Infinite.

AmpedUP2858d ago

Bioshock FTW! Plain and simple.

FanOfGaming2858d ago

No way you get me to explore an underwater city as well. Im taking the express underwater submarine straight back to the top.

AmpedUP2858d ago

I second that one lol.