In Defense of Linear Storytelling

You probably wouldn't watch a movie where each scene was shown in a random order (films like Memento notwithstanding). You wouldn't read a book if the chapters didn't make sense in context with each other. And unless you're listening for satanic messages, you wouldn't play a music track in any way but forward.

So why do people demand anything different from games?

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coolbeans2827d ago

I soooo want a Memento-like game :D.

Xander-RKoS2827d ago

Many games are linear and having multiple branches of a big storyline really doesn't make a game non-linear. In fact, any game that has a story line that won't progress unless the player does something is a linear game.

What some AI developers want for games is a game that writes itself. For example, if the player does nothing the story writes itself to take that into account and work that into the story. It is possible, just really hard to do.

Anyways, to the real point.

While linear games have and always will exist, a "non-linear" game filled with choice is the one thing that separates games from other mediums. I think this author really misses what makes a game "non-linear". A game where you make your own character is still linear. Like I said, "non-linear" games really don't exist entirely yet, but close to it are the games where you choose where to go, what to do, and watch as it effects the world your character is in.

I would have to say that maybe Animal Crossing or one of the Sims game is probably the closest thing we have to a non-linear game, but there really isn't a story to it...but imagine if there was and you get a non-linear game.