Fallout: New Vegas Patches Coming Soon

Level Up Times' Scott writes: "With the new title Fallout: New Vegas out this week players are screaming out in request for bug fixes..."

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Sp1deyluvr2826d ago

I'm not a big fallout fan, but congrats to them for having such a big following and eing so creative with the contexts of their stories.

Blaze9292826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Do developers even spend the time, money, and effort to test their games anymore? This is getting rediculous. What about all the consumers that buy these broken games and don't have a broadband Internet connection to get the patch - they're stuck like that?

Just isn't right. Last gen we didn't have update after update for our games. Now it's just getting sad. This just came out! Any reviews bother to mention this?

Hellsvacancy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I was thinkin the EXACT same thing, the same goes 4 movies, i watched a film called Monsters yesterday (NEW film), i dont think ive seen a worser film in my life, it was CRAP, i said 2 my missis when it had finished "do these mofos even watch there own films when theyve finished makin it um?"

I was gonna buy Fallout Vegas at launch (2-moz UK) but im gonna give it another week or two when its a wee bit cheaper and its been patched

Lucreto2826d ago

I will wait for the patch before starting the game.

I have still playing Enslaved and just got Dead Space.

Solidus187-SCMilk2826d ago

If you playit on the hardest mode it becomes a true survivial horror game where you need to conserve ammo.

toaster2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Not even a week old and a patch is being applied.. what happened to a properly working and fully functional game at launch? Anybody remember those? Developers depend too much on gamers having Network access.. so sell a broken game and then plan to patch it within days. Pathetic..

SexyPrawns2826d ago

Most games get patches in the first day or so.

Valve has a much better updating system. We'll be seeing that on Portal 2 for the PS3 and hopefully, on other Valve titles on PS3.

It'd be nice if Microsoft would let them do it on 360 though.

Da One2826d ago

Games shouldn't have to be patched especially on Day 1, hell why even buy the game, if it's broken Devs are becoming really screwy these days

SexyPrawns2826d ago

Maybe that's because games have become much more complicated?


The developers have miles of leeway because of patches now. I guarantee you they spent at least six months looking for bugs in this game. Do you know how many bugs make it into a finalized game this generation? It's insane!

They did what they could, I'm sure.

Philoctetes2826d ago

I guarantee you that Obsidian did not spend six months looking for bugs in this game. People are reporting freezes, hiccups, and framerate drops right within the first hours of playing. These kinds of problems are impossible to miss.

Of course, it's also possible that Bethsda/Obsidian knew that its game was slightly broken and decided to release it anyway. (See Fallout 3, GOTY Edition).

Solidus187-SCMilk2826d ago

so im not worried about valves needing patches, they are a better dev than obsidian and bethesda combined.

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Nihilism2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Console gamers have low standards, remember when they used to diss PC gaming because it required if a console game is released broken they just say 'oh we'll they'll patch it'....too little too late mofos, if I spend $60 on a game it damn well better work like a friggin charm. On PC it is more understandable, there are literally millions of GPU/CPU/MOBO/RAM/OS/DRIVER combinations that could cause an unkown conflict..but on consoles, THERE IS ONLY ONE SET OF HARDWARE!!!, if you gave a dev a game and told them to get it working on 2 PC's ( both with fixed specs ) and they couldn't...then those are some talentless mofos

@Scar 360WA

No doubt they will have a NV sister site up soon, they also have, just go to one of those sites and it has links to the other ones.

For anyone that has DA on PC the 'skip the fade' mod, you get all the bonus attribute points and all the codex entries you just fight Duncan then click on the pedestal and don't have to go through that B.S. Also the hide helmets are armour mods are awesome ( you can equip them but won't see them in the world or cut scenes ).

As for fallout 3 and NV....there is no better mod than the .ini editing, tweakguides knows the score, the tweaks are likely identical.

This particular edit I consider mandatory:
The files to edit are in documents\my gamesfallout New vegas ( presumably )
IN FO3 they are fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini, change the setting from =0 to =1 in whichever it appears ( or both )

bForceFullLOD=1 ( this one increases the draw distance on trees and quite a few objects, with basically no performance hit at all ( take a before and after pic, save standing, looking out into the wastes where there are trees, then load and take a fraps pic before and after )


You are insane, PS3 is not getting is getting steamworks aka some achievements and a profile, I know mind blowing, I hope you feel reeeeeeally special.

Why don't you hook a few PS3s up with a LAN cable so they are capable of DX11.. ( for anyone who read his/her comment know what I mean )

Da One2826d ago

And this is unacceptable on any platform, day one i buy that game, it better be playable, I don't see how people continue to support this.

wat6342826d ago

What surprises me is that while this game is extremely buggy, it gets good scores, while other buggy games get crappy scores.

Well, at least their patching the game.

SexyPrawns2826d ago

That's probably because the game is better than most "polished" games.

I mean, would you rather have a Ferrari that needs tuning every five years...

...or a Pento that never needs work?

Philoctetes2826d ago

A better analogy would be like a Ferrari that only starts half the time, randomly turns itself off sometimes when you're stopped at an intersection, and with brakes that sometimes fail at speeds above 25 mph.

NegativeCreepWA2826d ago

I'm already enjoying the benefits of PC gaming, patch came out yesterday and I had no freezes all night. Just waiting for the mods to start rolling in now.

Letros2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I've already started with the mods, two in this pic, DoF mod, and a new UI, I also tweaked the sun in the .ini, much more intense =)

pr0digyZA2826d ago

Nice Letros keep it up. Have you uploaded it somewhere for people to download yet.

Letros2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I mean those are mods I down loaded, check out

I'm only capable of doing .ini tweaks, I'm just a chemist, not too good with the programming skills =)

This one looks good too, an alternative/supplement to VATS

pr0digyZA2826d ago

Aah thanks:) You can probably tweak better than I would ever be able to anyway ;P

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