Guest Review: The Shoot (PS Move) (DualShockers)

P.I. Guest writing for DS writes, "The Shoot is an on-rail shooter that brings 3D cardboard cut-outs to life with crazy art work that explodes into shards when taken out. It’s all set up in a movie set style setting where you’re fighting your way through creating dynamic scenes for the director to record getting either rewarded or punished by him blasting your way through the almost fully destructible movie sets with unlimited ammo, but beware it’s all about the mighty power moves. Total overall accuracy is required to grab those crazy high scores you will need to advance to the next set. This game does a great job demonstrating the pinpoint accuracy and motion tracking that the PlayStation Move has to offer. But is it worth the forty bones?"

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Hitman07692832d ago

This game is truly awesome, I wonder what it would be like playing the local multiplayer mode with one gun in each hand!

Bigpappy2832d ago

I have not played it, so I will not critersize the reviews. Looking at the vid's it appares very simple and casual. Those and not ment to be negatives, just impressions. I played the heck out of "Duck Hunt" as a kid and had loads of fun. Kids might could probably fine the same level of fun in this.

jack_burt0n2832d ago

At first glance it appears that way, but the motion controls like moving left and right, ducking and different interactions do actually make it pretty original try the demo out a couple times and the different powerups u realise its pretty sharp, its a good game.

Glad some people can review a game for doing exactly what it says on the tin and not complain about a arcade shooter lacking STORY lol.

jjacinto232832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Friend bought it look so awesome

raztad2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

you are making my decision of getting Time Crisis over The Shoot a lot harder.

thevokillist2832d ago

it looks like it would be a lot of fun! I need to get myself a move!

Hayabusaman2832d ago

Yes it is real fun for the old school shooters epic fun

spunnups2832d ago

Lots of reasons to get the Move at this point. I'm still waiting for some sort of bundle that doesn't include the PS Eye, I already have it!

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The story is too old to be commented.