Can we let it die already!?

The PS2 has been the leading console of all time but when should Sony just let it die already?

Sony just announced a Limited Edition Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game Bundle for PlayStation 2.

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Evildoomnerd2830d ago

It just doesn't fear death.

fishd2830d ago

Just to put things into perspective...PS1 was being produced until march 2006...yeah 2006...the same year PS3 came out

QSPR2830d ago

If sony want to make more money with the PS2, why they don't port PSP agme library to the PS2???? games like little big planet,socom fire team bravo series, monster hunter, kindom hearts, metal gear portable series, ratchet,jack portable etc etc,even GT portable and motor storm for PS2 they can get more sales with that.

Dramscus2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Sony have a six year plan, Every six years they release a new console every 12 they drop one so they always have two selling brining in revenue.
By this method we will see a new console in 2012, which will accompany the end of the ps2.
Also a new handheld will be announced next year.

Edit. I think the old sony boss dude that got retired said as such in an interview. They also said they plan their consoles to take a decade to unlock them to the best of their potential.
Which is noticeable in all consoles as they make excellent games at the ends of their 10 years. With the firmware updateable ones they've taken a slightly different method. In the psp they increased it's power after a few years. Just bumped up the processor speed that the firmware could use. On the ps3 they've been decreasing the memory usage of the firmware gradually allowing devs more space.

Persistantthug2830d ago

Why in the hell would or should they give up on their entry level gaming product?

Some people desperately need to take a business 101 course....

Specifically the writers of this sad article.

room4142830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

What's really suprising to me is that the ps2 is the second best selling console this generation.
Ps2 and ps3 combined sony has sold more home consoles this gen than nintendo.

vsr2830d ago

Awesome Idea Man... PS2 is GOD of consoles and best console ever

Trebius2830d ago

PS2 was built by chuck norris.

inveni02829d ago

Sony will let it die when it stops making money. Just let them handle it.

Anon19742829d ago

Why don't they just stop making high end and low end TV's? It's because there's a market for them, just as there's a market for the PS2. Why on earth would Sony stop selling PS2's if there's still demand?

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Hades13372830d ago

The legend will never die.

Sarcasm2830d ago

Even the Spartans retreated from the PS2.

That's how serious it is.

soljah2830d ago

hey guys think about this. if the ps2 can hang around for a couple more years sony might have 3 generations of consoles on the market at the same time. the ps2, ps3 and the launch of the ps4

DKell2830d ago

Sony had to ask permission from the PS2 to start development on the PS3

DKell2829d ago

if you compress coal, you get diamonds...if you compress diamonds, you get the PS2

DKell2829d ago

the PS2 was not developed, it was actually discovered next to the first human remains

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kparks2830d ago

why would they let it die its obviousley still making them money and the ps3 was backwords capable but every one whined and cried about the price so they took it out so deal with it!!! if u wanted it to play ps2 games the ppl complaining about it should of got off there ass and bought a ps3 when it did have it instead of doing all that bitching!!! anyway dumb article

kparks2830d ago

i just bubble spammed everyone well said!! and what the hell does the ps2 and toy story have to do with GT5??

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DigitalAnalog2830d ago

This is why I really hate this console generation. I don't see how supporting a last-gen console would have any effect on this generation or even anything related to do with GT5. I really forsee a long future ahead of the PS3 thanks to this.

-End statement

badz1492830d ago

it is THE Chuck Norris of consoles!

d3nworth12830d ago

The grim reaper fears Chuck Norris's Roundhouse kick

aaron58292830d ago

I just knew there'll be a Chuck Norris joke somewhere.

unrealgamer582830d ago

The ps2 is the Ra's al Ghul of consoles.

JLeVRT2830d ago

the PS2 is the best selling console of all time. Death is afraid of it.

Seraphim2830d ago

that is true... while it's immortal it's shelf life should cease to exist already. Time to move on folks, there's nothing new to see here.

bviperz2830d ago

I blame MS for leading people to the belief that you should only have the latest and greatest. If not, we won't support you. They do it with everything they make.

DarkFantasy2830d ago

Gotta love the PS2,I don't play it as much as i use to tho :( i really miss some of the games on it,but I'm too occupied with new games i just don't have the time to revisit my old last gen games..too many new good games on the market..not enough cash(stranger)or time.

avengers19782830d ago

why would they let something that is still selling die. It still moves games, and has gotta be super cheap to make. You don't just throw away profit.

Galaxia2830d ago

Great Post lol. Why? Because it's true.

princejb1342830d ago

if it sells why let it die

Kon_Artist 2829d ago

for it is the baddest beast on land

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theafroman2830d ago

it will die wen people stop buying it which has not 10 yrs and BEYOND

number472830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

The PS2 has been the leading console of all time but when should Sony just let it die already?

Sony just announced a Limited Edition Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game Bundle for PlayStation 2. Shouldn’t they be working on getting GT5 out instead? I know a few that would get the GT5 bundle pack in an instant. They just need to let the PS2 have a pleasant death already while at the top of it’s game.

What they really need to do if they still want to make sub-par games is give back the backwards compatibility to the PS3 and work on selling PS3 bundles.


are u serious n4g??

Sony should kill the successful ps2. Based on needing to sell PS3s?

Sarcasm2830d ago

If anything, the PS2 is funding PS3 development with it's profits.

a08andan2830d ago

Well we should be happy when a company supports its products far beyond the release date.

Neko_Mega2830d ago

PS2 keeps selling, are GameStop here is the leading GameStop store at selling PS2 games and GBA.

Plus Sony doesn't kill something off until it stop showing sales, kind of the reason why I wonder why Microsoft can the Xbox.