Are The Black Ops Leaks A Good Thing?

First of all to anyone that has been under a rock for the last week let’s bring you up-to-date on the Black Ops leaks. This has happened in two main stages, firstly with beta video leaks followed up by the threat of a massive full game leak via a stolen disc.... - Just Push Start

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ShadyDevil2861d ago

Leaks are always bad IMO. But we shall see

Yi-Long2860d ago

... those greedy bastards DLC-scam us all the time, so when someone robs them, I don't really care....

In fact, I think I might even applaud it.

r1sh122860d ago

the only leaks that are good are gameplay videos or little spoilers.
The game leak is annoying, but it seems like Treyarch are on top of it.
How many bungie or infinity ward heads signed up to hacking/modding forums to find out what had been hacked.
How many of them tried to contact the hackers to find out what was hacked?
Just treyarch putting in the work, if they support this game like they did with world at war, it will be a good game.
I know many people hated world at war (i used to play hardcore on it), but treyarch fixed the glitches, and modded controllers as much as possible.

tacosRcool2860d ago

No, its a way to help over hype games that are gonna really end up as an average game

xAlmostPro2860d ago

actually for once i think they are good.. they've shown alot o great stuff from this game, showing its not just a mw2 clone, its not a completely unbalanced piece of crap and just really that it deserves a chance to be honest..

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Urahara2860d ago

It's great. The gaming industry needs to stop holding games back until the arbitrary release date and let games be released as soon as they get to the store. Had they done this the game wouldn;t have been stolen and leaked like it was.

Call_me_Ishmael2860d ago

its actually good cause then kotick wouldnt get that much cash
to blow on hookers and shit

Shmotz2860d ago

Helps gamers see how the game is more like CoD4 rather then MW2. Also helps first time players and buyers see if it interests them.

It just makes me more excited though.

JeffGUNZ2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

How great would it be if these leaks were internal and planned. Think about it for a second. I mean, all we really have seen is just leaked online play, which I think shows that this game is more like COD4 and not MW2, which I think Treyarch has been trying to convey in this last few months. Also, the game has been "leaked" for days now, yet we still haven't seen really any single player and Zombies, I mean I know their is that one video of zombies, but if this game has been leaked, where is the single player and that 4 person co-op mode that has supposively been unannounced.

I honestly don't think this is true, but it's fun to think about it in a different light.

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