Call Of Duty 4 Beta Tokens All Gone Within 8mins

The beta page on is clearly stating that all beta tokens have been reserved. That's a mighty 8mins into them releasing them that they have all gone.

The link below would direct you to the beta page but unfortunately the site has crashed. So the link now brings you to what you would see.

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PS360PCROCKS4124d ago

That's such fuc*ing bullsh!t! These lame ass betas are really pissing me off. It boils down to a bunch of fuc*ing people hitting reload hoping the page loads for them.
"So how do you feel about getting one of those tokens?"
"Oh I was just really lucky that the page actually loaded for me"
How is this fair at all? I'm sorry if I sound like a whining little b!tch but I think it's the most unfair way to decide who gets to play and I also thinks it's unfair that it's a "select few" fuc* that we should all atleast get a small chance to try it out, we all pay our dues to Microsoft for Xbox Live.

DruePhoenix4124d ago

I hear you man, I was f'n on the website at 2:59 READY for that crap to go up

and then I hit reload, and their crappy servers cant handle all the people trying to get tokens

not even close to fair, considering I could have got the thing in the first 2 minutes, way before the 8 minute mark when they ran out

total BS, boo on you, boo on you.

sticky doja4124d ago

Been on the site all mournin hittin refresh occationally, bout 40 minutes before started havin real slowdown, then at time of couldnt get the page to load once during the next 1 1/2 hours until they finally gave me a BS "temporarily unavailable" message. Its total crap, I want my 1 1/2 hours back While I am at work and am getting paid, its the principle of the matter.

FourtyPoundSteak4124d ago

I got into the beta the first wave but i had good friends that wanted to get in and couldnt because of how unorganized this sh*t was! we couldnt even get into the website within 8 mins... that makes no sense. Good job with that one IW

PS360PCROCKS4124d ago

Oh I got the page to load like twice, and when I clicked "Enter" it would time out everytime.


i def agreee whit u ps360rocks i hate this sh*t i wanted to play too its all a goverment conperisy set up my mr.bush himself

PS360PCROCKS4124d ago

Lol setup by Bush? Haha so Microsoft is into the government now too huh? though I really wanted to try this game out. I LOVE Cod4, I bought my 360 for that game. When they installed the 360 demos at my Target store and I saw that running I about creamed myself. That demo actually re-instilled my interest in video games. As before that my sister stole my PS2 in 2002ish so I didn't play a single videogame til 2004ish when I bought an Xbox to play splinter cell, and than it seemed like every other game sucked and were actually all shooters (I admit it!) anyways yeah but that demo made me love videogames again. So this is disappointing.

doshey4124d ago

i agree with ps360rocks, i tried to get into warhawk beta and i could not even signup cause there were so many trying to sign up hitting the refresh button, i hate when people do that crap

Jdash244124d ago

whew........i guess its a really good thing i got in the first wave..........sorry for all you guys that didnt get a token, they should just make this a free download on xbox live, or like 800 ms points or something

doshey4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

that would bring the network down if they did that, just imagine 3 million or so people trying to get to that, the network would not be able to handle all of those user hits, even if it is xbl

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The story is too old to be commented.