Crysis demo coming September 25; to include "huge surprise"

According to EA, the first Crysis demo will be available on September 25, 2007. The demo will feature the entire first level, "Contact," as well as a "huge surprise from Crytek."

Crysis is easily one of the most anticipated PC games of the year, coming off great showings at both E3 and the German Games Convention, where it won Best PC Game according to the panel of experts.

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ALI-G3532d ago

maybe the demo will inculde video in the end of it that will revale the new IP they were talkin about

closedxxx3531d ago

September 25..... hmmm....
Nothing else going on that day, sounds like this won't be overshadowed at all.

ParaDise_LosT3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

pinning it against Halo 3...
Crytek has some [email protected]
or maybe just stupid...

okcomputer3532d ago

How is this being pinned against halo? Its only a demo, not the actual game, so its not like it would effect sales at all

closedxxx3531d ago

Hey retard who made up a new term "Pinning against"...
It's "Pit against" you uneducated f*ck

TheMART3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Huge surprise = XBOX 360 version

@ Hellbringer (below)

At least I don't call other people morons. PS3 fans always only can shout, talk bad and call people names. Childish. You should get a bubble less for that.

They're working on the PS3 with something indeed. Another game, not Crysis. So you'll get a game like super rub a ducky sequel from them maybe, the 360 gets Crysis.

@ Whooooop (below)

Dude I don't mind if MS pays or not. As long as I can play :P

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

If anything it would be a PS3 version moron, they said they were doing something for the PS3.

BTW how the hell do you still have 5 bubbles?

ahh I am not really a ps3 fanboy, just hate it when people say stuff which is based on nothing.

Anal3532d ago

I hope your right. The smile on my face would be BIG!

Sashy3532d ago

You are a moron and you are always gonna be a moron. No mather what you say.

fenderputty3532d ago

like the 360 fanboys aren't as bad as the PS3 fanboys. Everyone throws out insults on here. Implying that Crytek is working on a rub-a-dub sequal is flat out insulting. Get a life dude. Just because you didn't toss out insults doesn't mean you're not a Troll.

sak5003532d ago

@TheMart: I think its time you add fanbois under SONY in your avatar.

Alvadr3532d ago

Lol - look at the gameplay trailers and ask yourself.. Could this game really run on the 360?

power of Green 3531d ago

I look at the gameplay trailers and wonder why people think this game could run on the PS3 with its RAM problems amoung other things. if these devs can get this close! TheMart has a valid theory.

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deadeyes993532d ago

this game is guna be sick when it coems, seems so far away but it's worth the wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.