New BioShock Infinite Wallpapers

To keep BioShock Infinite fresh in your mind, the folks at Irrational Games have released a new batch of wallpapers featuring Elizabeth and Columbia.

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number472591d ago

sweet, i can download these and use em on my ps3.
and wait for them to be available for sale on my 360.

DigitalRaptor2591d ago

LOL. Do they actually do that on 360?

BannedForNineYears2591d ago

Eh? Can't you set any image you have on your 360 as your background? ~_~

It's not rocket science.

UltimateIdiot9112591d ago

Is it just me or is her neck freakishly long?

NiteX2591d ago

Not only is her neck disturbingly long, her head is quite large. Almost as large as her tits.

Raf1k12591d ago

Her neck is long and her head does look large but then the character design is obviously not meant to be realistic. It's quite cartoonish so the large head isn't a problem but the long neck is a little longer than it should be IMO.

Red_Phoenix2591d ago

Smexy, (Smart and sexy for those who don't know, lol.)

ultramoot2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Quick. List 5 things you like about her -

Nice cleavage
Nice dress
Big Head
Big Head
Big Head

DannyDammit2591d ago

O_O She looks so stupid... I am disappoint

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