Gran Turismo 5: Motorcycles a Possiblity?

GOS Writes: "It is a possibility that Polyphony could add motorcycles in Gran Turismo 5 later on down the road.The inclusion of motorcycles into an already feature packed game would do two things; It would make the game worth well over $60, and Gran Turismo would practically be two games in one.

Polyphony sure know how to make waiting hurt even more don’t they?"

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bananasNmonkeys2858d ago

This is the only time i'm ever going to say this but please PD don't add any more to this beast. Save it for dlc or GT6.

number472857d ago

well in 5 years you had 1.

tacosRcool2857d ago

Eventually is a good enough date for me. I am a patient man

Dee_912857d ago

i think it would be smarter for gt6
because gt5 already have alot of new features
so they should save it and make it one of the big features in gt6 to make people that much more excited for it

PHOSADRA2857d ago

He said that he wants to get the game done first ^.^

The bikes will be added if people demand them enough...AFTER the release

guitarded772857d ago

I demand... after release.

nemesis enforcer2858d ago

They are thinking on Tourist Trophy HD (Tourist Trophy 2) with the GT5 Engine????? That will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GP motorcycles would be great in Gran Turismo but what I really dig is Rally Motorcycles. GT5 already holds WRC license, which hold Motorcycle cateogories within it's races.

I have a Yamaha XT660R which I love to ride, but just thinking of playing with a KTM Enduro with Polyphony Digital quality makes me drop some tears. Logitech, quickly, makes a M27 handlebar controller, this probably sounds better than plays (no inclination with a handlebar controller) but I'll buy it anyway!

nemesis enforcer2858d ago

A new Omega Boost HD!!!!!!!!!!

DigitalAnalog2857d ago

It would be awkward. But hell, I can wait for GT6 to properly implement these things. No need for DLC, too MUCH content already and it shows game developers that BLU-RAY IS NEEDED.

-End statement

Sevir042857d ago

I would kill to have that. trophy tourist was awesome for a race bike simulator. just imagine the crashes and real time physics! how awesome it would be.

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The story is too old to be commented.