Joystiq: Windows Phone 7 Review: the gaming experience

Joystiq: "It's been nearly a decade since Microsoft stepped foot into the console arena, successfully joining Nintendo and Sony to become one of "the big three." Since then, there have been numerous rumors of an "Xboy," or portable Xbox. With the impending release of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is finally releasing a portable gaming platform, one branded with Xbox Live. But, does Windows Phone compete against not only Sony and Nintendo's handheld offerings, but the iPhone as well?"

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ddelella2827d ago

While he is reviewing this as if Microsoft was trying to create a mobile gaming device, he misses a few items. He mentions that it requires a two year lock but forgets to mention so does the iPhone since they are both PHONES and not gaming systems. The biggest thing to take aways from this article is the price points. If Bejeweled is $4.99 on one and $0.99 on another it is an obvious choice. Granted there are thousands of Bejeweled versions so that could be a driving factor plus XBL integration but that still does not justify the 5x price hike. Microsoft will need to fix this fast if it plans to compete in the gaming market. The primary reason to purchase this device is a still a Zune replacement and phone NOT gaming.