The Evolution of Resistance 3's Long Legs

Check out a bio of the new creature from Insomnia Games and see early sketches of the Long Legs throughout the design process.

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SPARDA_4262531d ago

cant wait. this game could be the best first person shooter ever made =D

DarthMoose2531d ago

resistance 2 is my fav fps on the ps3, cant friggin wait for this

RememberThe3572531d ago

Nice. I can't wait to shoot him in the face.

frankymv2531d ago

Will Insomniac come through?......or will they drop the ball?

Panthers2531d ago

They havent disappointed me yet. R2s story was amazing, especially the ending.

DarthMoose2531d ago

R2 is my fav fps on the ps3, the ending drove me nuts though, I hate cliff hangers like that

unrealgamer582531d ago

I think resistance 2 left me a little unfulfilled In the story area, But the multiplayer was great.

Gue12531d ago

is there some kind of online co-op for this game?

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The story is too old to be commented.