10 Scary Video Games for Halloween

Games 4 Guys writes: There are a lot of scary moments in video games but the whole game had to make you fear playing it. At the very least it had to inspire you to play with the lights on. Gruesome visuals don’t cut it, these have to make your heart rate increase, pupils dilate, and take frequent trips to the bathroom to clean your shorts.

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Brewski0072651d ago

Amnesia the dark descent isn't in this list!
I seriously considered buying new pants after playing this game.

the_tick2651d ago

You only considered it???

inveni02651d ago

Why is Bioshock on this list? That game wasn't scary at all. Neither was Doom 3, for that matter.

Xristo2651d ago

seriously, they must of left Amnesia out due to ignorance (only reasonable excuse)....easily the scariest game i have ever played!

NYC_Gamer2651d ago

bioshock?how is that game scary

Jimmy the Greek2651d ago

its got all the elements of a horror game. jump scares, gore, unspeakable evils.

Acquiescence2651d ago

although they mostly occur within the first few hours of the game.

Raoh2651d ago

siren blood curse

resident evil 2

tacosRcool2651d ago

Games on list that are not scary:

Doom 3

At least to me since these games put the scariness to sleep

lovestospoodge2651d ago

I played doom 3 on pc with a 40 inch screen with my friends like 6 years ago, and f*ck me it was scary

tacosRcool2651d ago

That game is wayyyy tooo predictable. Open a door, a monster pops out. Yawn. I knew where most monsters would pop out and where. Such a boring game

Ace Killa 082651d ago

FEAR seriously.... dude....its scary with surround sound at night....SCARY

zagibu2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I agree with both of you. Doom3 did have some scary moments, but the silly monster spawns quickly led to boredom.

F.E.A.R. also had some moments, but they were just far too infrequent. Dito for Bioshock.

Fishy Fingers2651d ago

Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show

Nasseh2651d ago


protekjv2651d ago

just by opening the box bats and sh!t come out of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.