Inside Xbox Call of Duty: Black Ops video shows more multiplayer features

The latest instalment to the US Inside Xbox is another trip back to the Treyarch studios to see more of Call of Duty : Black Ops.

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aviator1892652d ago

You could actually mistake this for Modern Warfare 2.

JLeVRT2651d ago

This... IS... modern warfare 2.. .right?

No Way2651d ago

You could actually mistake GT5 for GT4.. they both got cars!!!!! Sarcasm, of course.
But, it's the 'same' game, of course the two are gonna have similarities.

It's amazing how so many users repeat the same tired old messages..

vickers5002651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

So what? You could mistake Killzone 3 for Killzone 2, and Fallout New Vegas for Fallout 3.

Doesn't mean it's not different and not good.

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Red_Phoenix2652d ago

Black Ops footage, how long before this gets taken down?

ender4112651d ago

way to comment before you click the link

N4GAddict2651d ago

It's from Inside Xbox. The footage wasn't leaked

Red_Phoenix2651d ago

I did watch the video before commenting, I only posted up that comment because from what I been seeing is that anything related to black ops was being taken down by Activision. I assume I mis-interpreted a previous article I have read, sorry about my comment then. :(

bananasNmonkeys2651d ago

Look at the hit detection at 3:10

MGRogue20172651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I'm picking up Black Ops at Midnight Launch. It's going to be my first ever Midnight Launch. :)

I'm gonna' be playing it all night long on the single-player & then lots of multi-player when the sun comes up :D

MGRogue20172651d ago

Both. :)

But I'm getting Black Ops for my 360.

retrofly2651d ago

[email protected] had hit marker issues, unlike COD4 and MW2 which felt alot tighter.

Shame tryarch didn't use IW's net code :(

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