GameInformer: Saw II: Flesh & Blood Review

Last year’s title was a messy new entry in the dwindling survival horror genre, but at least it had potential for improvement. Unfortunately, the second game fails to polish any concepts from the new Konami IP. Saw II doesn’t just take a step backwards from the first game – it performs a reverse swan dive off a balcony into a swimming pool filled with razorblades.

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slinky1234562859d ago

Doesnt gameinformers ratings go to 10, and if thats how GI's website rating its really good even though they are bashing how bad it is.

sam22362859d ago

Bashes the game yet gives it a 4.5/5?!! Whoever reviewed this doesn't have a fucking clue and should quit reviewing games altogether.

buckethead_X2859d ago

it means 4.5/10. GI uses a ten point system. Also, you can see a score bar on the page that is less than half lit up. lol if they insult a game that badly and it gets a 9/10, they'd have to start giving 20/10 ratings xD