1UP: Costume Quest Review

Costume Quest isn't a particularly lengthy title, but (more importantly) the time you spend with the game feels appropriate to the experience. And with its well-directed pacing, the game ends exactly when it needs to, leaving you satisfied and wistfully yearning for more.

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Daver2861d ago

Its worth it. i like it, theres not enough halloween games

ReservoirDog3162861d ago

This game flew way under my radar till now. And it looks really good. Gotta try the demo at least.

SuperStrokey11232861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I really want it, just too many games right now. Second i clear out my back log im so getting this. Just looks like such as awesome game for an even better price.

Wow lots of disagree haters, no justification though as per usual on n4g

Fan Tastic2861d ago

It really should list who gave the agree and disagree on every comment.

SuperStrokey11232861d ago

pst that was me agreeing with you lol

nefertis2861d ago

I try the demo lastnight I will put this game on my must buy list and fist of the north star.

wiggles2861d ago

Is there any more strategy involved in the game?

I played the demo and while I like turn based seemed almost impossible to lose...was that just because of the early levels? Or is that the entire game?

ReservoirDog3162861d ago

"It's a simple system, but enemy encounters are a lot more difficult than you'd think. Even if you fight every monster you come across, as you progress through the story your level will be about on par with the enemies'. And the fear of death for one of your party members is never really eliminated -- one mistimed mistake with a button press can result in an untimely demise, especially with some of the later magic-using enemies."

wiggles2861d ago

I read that but what does one mistimed button press mean?

I am wondering if there is any other strategy other then to press a button to get an attack or defense bonus.