Gran Turismo 5 - Madrid Gameplay

Gameplay footage of the Madrid track in Gran Turismo 5, Check it out!

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SnuggleBandit2890d ago

this is really old gameplay...the sparks arent even in this vid and those were added a looong tome ago...

Mr Tretton2890d ago

At least Sony doesn't take vids down of their games pre-released like Activision. Seriously.

MGRogue20172890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Yeah, It's because Polyphony fully understand that their product is beautiful & polished enough to have footage taken of it.

Blaze9292889d ago

It's a freakin' racing game. What is yet to be unveiled or spoiled in a racing game?

The reason Activision does it is because:

1 - it's an illegally obtained version of their game
2 - huge spoilers
3 - reveals that go against their marketing plans of revealing information periodically
4 - surprises?

I understand everyone wants to hate big bad Activision but come on, comparing this to Activision taking down videos (in which they have every right to until release) is just stupid.

Motorola2889d ago

found this on a playstation team twitter. LOL agreed

mikepmcc2889d ago

Bubbles, there are reasons why a call of duty game shouldn't be leaked, but people looking to buy a racing game already know what they're getting.

HDgamer2889d ago

Mike that same logic goes for Black ops. It's basically the same game I'm going to buy again. Now because I have the money lol.

cochise3132890d ago

the wait for this game is dreadful. please sony release this already. we've suffered long enough.

frankymv2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

This game only exists on youtube.

ngecenk2889d ago

sonys silence on gt5 is frustatingly annoying. i have no clue whatsoever, yet new videos keep appearing every single day. i dont feel the hype as much as before.

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