GamesRadar: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

Ironically the first Ultimate Ninja Storm was the better game by a mile. Not just because it started the story off at a point where anybody could jump in, but because the free-roaming story mode let you explore outside the sequel’s camera boundaries. And you can’t randomly do that highly wrong and questionable (yet effective) Sexy Jutsu move anymore. It's disappointing. Believe it and weep.

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Optical_Matrix2859d ago

The first game was better than Storm 2? Don't make me laugh. Actual fans of the series, unlike yourselves will argue otherwise.

ExplosionSauce2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

What a completely half-assed review. It's only like 8 lines long.

He starts by comparing the game to the Ubisoft games(they were brilliant?)
You can tell where this is going by reading the first paragraph alone.

The only free roam you could do in the first game was within the village alone and there was nothing much to do anyway. UNS2 tries to keep things tighter and more focused.

Did he play the game or just watched the trailer?
There's no mention of any of the new and/or improved features in the game.

Nitrowolf22859d ago

yeah i find it funny that they don't even mention anything else beside no free roam like in 1 and ands not ubisoft game
In all other reviews they talk about gameplay, fighting, bosses, ect

ShinMaster2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Do you think the size of the village map and freeroam were sacrificed because of 360's DVD space limitations in order to get more features and characters in the game?

ExplosionSauce2859d ago

Hope not.
I think what I said earlier could be the more accurate answer to that.

bebojet2859d ago

He probably didn't played it online either which that alone deserves a better score since its the first Naruto game to have online multiplayer. I'm getting this game regardless of the crappy score he gave it.

chadneil1234567892858d ago

This is why I dont make these idiots determine if I buy a game anymore this game is absolutly amazing...its not like dragon ball z where u just punch nd kick until someone dies. theres so much stuff to do every fight is unpredictable. I was fighting the kakashi nd winning then a jutsu caused the place to be filler with water now kakashi is winning because his lighting blade gets stronger in water...its hard to explain but dont listen to this review

2855d ago