Be Yourself (Or Not): Fable

IndustryGamers is kicking off a multi-studio interviewing tour, talking with various developers about one of the most important aspects of development for games: the protagonist.

Mario, Master Chief, “The Lone Wanderer,” Nathan Drake; the list goes on for the options available to gamers. As we see gamers become fans of the characters within these game spaces, we must realize that they are an important aspect of the development process. These characters are symbols.

Their First Interview is with Lionhead Studios and Fable III Lead Writer Mark Llabres Hill.

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donniebaseball2680d ago

Cool, very interesting feature. Curious to see what other developers say about creating their main characters.

Bigpappy2680d ago

Peter has his back agaist the wall and his feet to the fire. People sre loosing faith in his creative reputation. If this is not well receiced, it will be difficult for him to keep his great reputation intact.

VersusEM2680d ago

I wish this game was for the PS3, now that would be a shocking and badass annoucement

hazelamy2679d ago

why do people have try to turn everything on this site into some fucking fanboy flame war?

personally i can't wait to get fable 3, couldn't give a shit what format it's on.

mastiffchild2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

But maybe he just has a PS3 and really wants to play the game? How would that be starting anything? It's also praise of a game exclusive to one console(though PC gets it a bit later on, no?)by someone who apparently has the other and isn't that kind of the opposite of flaming? Giving what would be the "other" side in a fanboy war praise? Seriously, IDK the posting history here(and am not going to check) but on the face of it I think you're being hasty calling this particular post flamebait when I see it as almost the opposite-he doesn't even make out he'd want it exclusively for the PS3 either, does he?

I realise where we are and what goes on but just feel this wasn't a case of fanboyism at all-I could be wrong but it doesn't look frlamey to me.

Myst2680d ago

That first image reminds me so much of cloud...