Could The Western Gaming Market Fail?

"The problem I see coming is western developers becoming stagnant in their ideas. There are many innovative projects still coming out today, yes. But under that veil there are many worrying factors: the immense number of sequels, the domination of the FPS genre, and the constant “been there, done that” feeling that has been growing among gamers already when you look at the big western blockbusters of the last few years."

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FlyWestbrook2858d ago

A bit of overanalyzing don't you think?

GamingGuru2857d ago

Think that was sort of the point, he didn't say this was a news story. Sounds like a column, pretty good read to I thought.

vsr2857d ago

Quantity = Super mario, wii sports, wii fit, final fantasy, GT, MGS, Pokemon ..etc million sellers.

Quality = Again GT, MGS, FF, Zelda, ...etc

Possibe exception of western
Quantity = GTA, COD only sold within 20 million.
Quality = NaughtyDog, Santamonica, R* north

This is the truth

JLeVRT2857d ago

did Kojima write this?

ExplosionSauce2857d ago

Why would Kojima write this?

tinybigman2857d ago

probably not but if it stay's shooter oriented it sure as hell will become stale.

CimmerianDrake2857d ago

Now western devs are saying about themselves what Japanese devs have been saying about their own stuff?

I predict an Easternization of western games. After a period of time where Japanese devs create horrible western games, and Western devs create horrible eastern games, everything will reset like it did in the 80's when Nintendo saved gaming.

NecrumSlavery2857d ago

I personally love the Euro devs like Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games & Quantum Dreams. They are bringing revolution to gaming. What we need is more Euro RPGs, Fable is a good step forward. Though Bioware/Bethesda do great things. I see Euro really stepping up and overtaking JP as a leader in role playing games too. Oh and mad props to Ubisoft too.

bangoskank2857d ago

Nintendo saved gaming in the 80's? I must have missed that one. I was having plenty of fun with my C64 and ColecoVision before it came along. Where you even born then?

solar2857d ago

Innovation comes from indy developers nowadays. the gaming industry under major publishers is about making money for shareholders. not like the days of Quake and UT. Games need to be mainstream. appeal to the masses. have an 8 year old pick it up and play well because latter on in life he/she will have so much fun he/she willl buy the next title. gaming is mainstream now. an idiot can do it.

DigitalAnalog2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I agree. Although, for every COD, Guitar Hero and the like. Games like Vanquish, Dead Space 2 and Bioshock Infinite are introducing unique or new elements into the gaming mainstream. And that still gives me hope within this gaming generation.

-End statement

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giantchicken2857d ago

The western gaming market has been a rotting corpse for years.

RememberThe3572857d ago

I'm pretty sure the western game market is the largest.

RememberThe3572857d ago

Size does equal quality. The more potential buyers the greater the market quality.

Xanatos20002857d ago

It makes sense. History repeats in itself gaming just like everywhere else. Look at the consoles (Sony went from first to last just like Nintendo did).

Mastersnake102857d ago

Repeating trends don't mean much. The western market can't fail; just a recession.

NYC_Gamer2857d ago

not unless online gaming dies....

Serjikal_Strike2857d ago

Who cares......just make games that dont suck(Quantum Theory) and aren't short(Vanquish) and I'll be happy!!!

256bit2857d ago

games that dont suck - METAL GEAR SOLID

and games that arent short - JRPGS

yup the japanese tend to do those types of games.

NecrumSlavery2857d ago

not this gen. not like they did before 2004.

maniacmayhem2857d ago

games that don't suck - Bioshock

and games that arent short - Sandbox

yup westerners tend to do those also.

theonlylolking2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Bioshock sucks badly. Its just a super overrated FPS.

Tony P2857d ago

If you think only Japan makes good games, you are in fact a hater.

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