Gran Turismo 5 - Nascar Gameplay

New Gameplay footage of Nascar in Gran Turismo 5, Check it out!

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N4GAddict2705d ago

GT5 keeps looking better

westy5522705d ago

Every morning I get on here hoping for a solid release date but nothing, im starting to get worried. :(

spunnups2705d ago

I'm willing to be my first born it releases the first 2 weeks of december.

toaster2705d ago

You Americans and your infinite left turn.. I'd hardly call Nascar "racing."

darthv722705d ago

but as i was watching that I had the daytona song in my head. All that was missing was a big sonic etched into a wall on the far turn.

cygnuszero22705d ago

I dont believe its coming out this year, I really dont. Well before the 11/2 dat got canned Ive been saying I just have a feeling its coming out spring next year and im sticking to that, regardless of what sony or PD says, until I see it sitting on a shelf.

Their word obviously means nothing at this point. Even if they say its coming out in December, I dont believe it.

poindat2705d ago

As for release dates, I'm keeping hope, but Sony promised us a new release date before the end of October... and the end of October is coming up REALLY fast. That alone is a really bad sign, but still, I really don't believe that Sony has the balls to release this thing after Christmas. It would be total suicide as far as sales and critical reception are concerned.

As for the video, it looks amazing as GT5 videos always do.

teedogg802704d ago

Wait a minute did I miss something. I thought GT5 was releasing November 2nd. It's been delayed again!?

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darthv722705d ago

question...why is it in mirror and not regular format?

Redrum0592705d ago

becuase mirroring it prevents copyright laws from doing its thing and getting the clip removed from youtube.

SeanRL2705d ago

Can those cars actually go that fast in reality?

techpinger2705d ago

thats in kilometers, not miles. they try to make the rules so the cars stay under 200mph. though i think it should be much faster given how ridiculously safe motor sport has become

NecrumSlavery2705d ago

I went to a race once. Those cars are flying. TV makes it look slower. But after 100 left turns, even my white american cracker ass left. NASCAR sucks, but kudos to PolyDig on cultural outreach.

spunnups2705d ago

Nascar, Off-Road, and Circuit. 3 games for one price?!?!

Chichiflix2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Forza 3 looks better.....on a trash can :)
This game looks so fucken amazing

TagMeIn2705d ago

A 92 metacritic game is nothing to sneer at. Best rated racing game this generation so far

number472705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Reality. Forza has low polygon cars in game. 8 of them max. No weather/Particle Dynamics/Night/Day/Open Wheel/Nascar/WRC/Buggy Online/non photo real visuals/720p/1 steering wheel/No pit crew/no top gear track/no cockpit screenshots/.

Ratings 92.
That must mean that painting decals is worth a whole lot. Or that reviewers had a bit of a blindless. Kinda like the GTA4 reviews. Content Vs Content, GT5's going to steamroll every game out, and take as long as Alan Wake to be created.

u guys can play ratings..

others will play a real sim which is an actual upgrade from the previous title.

GT5's a better game even if it gets -100 score.

cygnuszero22705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

^ FYI, the racing in Forza is pretty great, as good as any GT game ive ever played. The great reviews it got has little to do with the livery editor.

But you can make excuses all day to help yourself feel better about GT if you want. Reassurance posts are expected on here as millions are enjoying the forza games, and noone is playing GT5.

TreMillz2705d ago

millions are bitching at Turn 10 right about now so...yea but its still a great game XD!....*come on GT5!*

Time_Is_On_My_Side2705d ago

Lol, I find your comment funny because no matter what is said, GT5 isn't even released, so how can anybody be playing it?

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Terarmzar2705d ago

Do i hear wind ?
if so cool lol

TagMeIn2705d ago

The attention to detail in this game is trully frightening

Orionsangel2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Is that licensed music I hear? Whatever happened to original game scores?, like Tokyo Highway Battle had! Maybe I'm old school, but music in video games used sound cooler, not even Sonic 4 has cool sounding music.

callahan092705d ago

Every Gran Turismo game has had licensed music. The first GT is actually the earliest game I remember that had an extensive licensed music soundtrack.

Orionsangel2705d ago

Yeah the Japanese version had an original score, but I believe GT4 brought part of original Japanese soundtrack, plus licensed music in the States.

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