Neocrisis: Medal of Honor Review

Neocrisis: Medal of Honor is not Call of Duty. If you start the game expecting an experience similar to it you will be disappointed, but since when does a game not deserve to be judged upon its own merits, and in turn its own flaws?

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tacosRcool2708d ago

I like how they review this game as Medal of Honor instead of Call of Duty

jazzking20012708d ago

last MOH game i played was AA
after that i went to COD series
i totally forgot about MOH >.<'

madara0sama2708d ago

I like how the comments below involves Call of Duty

MGRogue20172708d ago

CoD: Black Ops will beat the living **** out of this game, 100% guaranteed.

raztad2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Why are you so sure? are you talking about sales?

BO is not even developed by IW. I expect Trechyard just to stick to the proven formula.

N4GAddict2708d ago

Black Ops will definitely outsell MoH

Vegeta90002708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

MoH will definitely be the better game.

jazzking20012708d ago

well i do not know anything about BO
but its made by a diff dev = it may not "feel" the same

AKS2708d ago

Yeah, Treyarch has a storied history of delivering masterpieces. /s

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isa_scout2708d ago

they are both very differnet franchises in terms of style and multiplayer. Why cant they both exist without this turning into a blah blah blah mine is better than yours

jazzking20012708d ago

both have diff styles of play

Chapulin2708d ago

More realistic. My opinion of course.

Elvfam5112708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Oh wow a 9 im surprised.. Love the single player and im getting addicted to the online

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