Does Fallout New Vegas Jump the Cockroach?

Networkworld: Bethesda, you may recall, used to be the buggiest game developer in the business.

"But wait," you're saying. "Used to be? What about Morrowind? Oblivion? Fallout 3?"

Deloused saints, all three, contrasted with Arena and Daggerfall--and I'm talking the latter two fully patched and running (but never quite purring) on their best days.

So to hear Fallout New Vegas has a bunch of play-snapping bugs after all Bethesda's done to spotlight quality control is kind of surprising...even if the game technically owes its existence to a third-party developer with an increasingly suspect track record.

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BeOneWithTheGun2858d ago

but I still cannot stop playing it. Yes, it's a huge F:3 expansion but for me, that is a good thing. Besides, we all know what we are really waiting for....ES:V.

Christopher2858d ago

The game has the same issues from the first and that's in memory management. That's why we get the stuttering of the game and various other related glitches.

But, it's still fun to play and it can definitely get challenging early on if you're not careful.

visualb2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

as for the glitches, no big problems here so far, but am running on windows, and medium grphx, so I dno, still have a lot to go though

I'm loving it. I Never got to the end of FO:3 due to the files getting corrupt and instal CD getting ruined (contemplated piracy but didn't have heart )

so to me im UBER motivated to finish this.

SexyPrawns2858d ago

Haha... I'm so tired.

I actually laughed at that headline.

Somebody cut me off.

SexyPrawns2858d ago

Whoa whoa whoa...

It's a good game!

It wasn't made by the same team as Morrowind, Oblivion, or Fallout 3 though. It was made by a lot of people who did the first two Fallout games.

I'm just glad it's as good as it is. Look at what came out of Rare's dissolve: The Rare we know and loathe today...and Free Radical...who made some awesome FPS's known as Time Splitters...and finished themselves off with Haze. : /

DTG_The_Man2858d ago

This entire article is stupid. It has glitches, yes, but people are happy with the gameplay. Either that, or they're hating on the game because Obsidian made it instead of their precious BethSoft.

GodsHand2858d ago

My only concern is the freezing part during the game, because it locks my system up, during an hour or two of game play. I've seen my share of glitches, where textures wont load for the next cell I am about to enter, they just stay a low res. texture, or the the hiccup of running around the mojave desert.

I hope the patch fixes that issue of freezing.

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