Coming to PlayStation Plus: God of War I and II and a Free Download of BreakQuest

Next month marks one of the biggest handheld releases of the year. We learn, for the first time, of the events that took place between two heavy hitting games in the PlayStation family. God of War: Ghost of Sparta shows what events took place between Kratos’s adventures in God of War II and God of War III. Do you need a little refresher in the series? Well, we’ve got you covered.

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WildArmed2769d ago

I was hoping we'd actually get GoW1 or 2 as our full game download this time..
Well hopefully PS+ will get a discount on them.
$15 for GoW1/2 SOLD! :D

I hope to see more badass DLC.
Loved the warhawk DLC packs!

-Alpha2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I think they should offer Backwards Compatibility or more PS2 games for Plus members. It's great incentive to upgrade.

I'd love to play Dragon Quest IX or some other games that I never got the chance to.

I'm also waiting on an improved UI for in-game >_<

Hey SKV, I sent you a message btw!

WildArmed2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Yeah, they need to make the in-game XMB more accessible. (ie not have soo much stuff you can't do w/o quiting). They can have the stuff you can't do w/o quiting 'hidden' (If the user selects to do such in the options)
It'll actually free up some RAM too!

Oh, and where did you msg me?
360 or PS3?
My brother is probably playing the 360 atm.
Since I'm stuck @ college :D

Oh and DQ9 wasn't on Ps2.
DQ8 was though! (One of the best JRPGs, scratch that, one of the best games I've played on my ps2!!)

If they do-do BC, i think it should be free for all users.
Limiting it to PS+ is just plain cruel.

Oh, what we DO need is an improvement on Auto-matic download..
they are pushing Testers Episode 1.. can you BELIEVE THAT?
Out of all the good stuff on the PStore they decide to only push tester s2 epi1 >.<
We should be able to decide on what to d/l.
considering the PS+ content is decided weeks in advance.

Finally got around to finishing MW2's campaign yesterday.
Took me about 3.30mins total.
Loved it, action packed.. kept me jumping and wondering what was going on.
But it felt like the game ended on the Intermission.. (where's my other half of the game!! :( )


I found CoD4's campaign a bit worse.
Maybe it's just me, but it didn't have the same amount of variety as Mw2.
but then again, CoD4 was much longer LOL
So i guess that balances itself out ^^

-Alpha2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Oops, my bad, DQ8 I mean. I'm playing Okami on PS2 right now.

CoD4's campaign is soooo much better.

I sent it on PS3, but I sent it on N4G too :D

On Topic:

Yeah, The PSN XMB needs some clean up for in-game. If Sony listens to more of the stuff the community has posted they will do well. Right now I don't care for free games if I'm not interested in them.

BulletProofVess2769d ago

20 percent off on the up and coming

undead pack for red dead

thats sick.

tacosRcool2769d ago

I would rather have nice HD remakes of great PS2 games

King-Leonidas2769d ago

Seriously, Sony is NOT going to make a BC PS3 line anymore.

WildArmed2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I wouldn't mind a HD re mastery of DQ8 (PSN or bluray release).
I hope the revenue of PS+ is getting put into stuff like this too!

I had every item/weapon, every Monster 'tamed'.
And i still kept playing for ages, replaying the game w/ diff. weapons on each char!

I hope we can get a DQ8 re-mastery, it'd give me a good run for my money!
Then there is always the plat!
Oh how i wuvs JRPG plats <3
Super time consuming, super fun.
Always helps me get my money's worth.
*looks at WKC*
I really should go help my friends, they are probably getting slaughter in the high end quests :(

Side note:
Man, Dexter is really picking up!
I hate the fact it comes on Sunday thou >.<

HSx92768d ago

they need to remove XMB options that are not even loadable while in-game, because all they do is waste space and loading time.

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King-Leonidas2769d ago

wait so you have to own PSN+ to download GoW?

despair2769d ago

probably not, it might be PS+ free trial but available for purchase by anyone.

WildArmed2769d ago

No, but the trial (60mins) are only for PS+ only.
The full game is available for all users.

Serjikal_Strike2769d ago

update ....but its great if you dont have Gow 1 and 2 already!

only downloads for me will be the Dead Nation theme and QORE

Mr Tretton2769d ago

I'm not impressed much by PS+. I only got it to get in the KZ3 beta. (which looks like I did)

Abash2769d ago

Very cool that the God of War III Dominus skin is going up on the PlayStation store. With that and the Deimos skin I'll be getting from buying God of War: Ghost of Sparta, I should be replaying God of War III a few times over.

FAGOL2769d ago

DAMN I wanted the undead nightmare discount. Fak Fook Fuk. Anyway 20% is'nt much.

TheLastGuardian2769d ago

$10 is a good deal for all your getting. I hope Undead Nightmare has a gold trophy.

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