Microsoft's Kinect 'Revolution' Will Be 'Stillborn' If It Doesn't Go Far Beyond Gaming, says Analyst

While Kinect's launch for Xbox 360 will focus on gaming, the motion device's larger impact on entertainment could be huge, according to Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey. The analyst is quite bullish on Kinect's prospects, so long as Microsoft takes advantage of the opportunities provided by the camera's ability to change all sorts of entertainment, not just gaming

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donniebaseball2651d ago

This analyst makes a solid point. Microsoft's intentions in gaming have always seemed to be about dominating the living room beyond gaming anyway.

Buff10442651d ago

The more I read about this thing, the more skeptical I become.

Dusdg2651d ago

I can see putting some version of kinect inside your tv. Where your tv knows who you are and brings up your shows that you dvred. While giving your wife a completely different menu. Showing you the channels you like to watch. 5-10 years I can see this as a standard thing for tvs computers and game consoles moving forward.

jerethdagryphon2651d ago

see that would work i sis down and the tv pulls up a list of thing i like stargate and such then makes sugestions based off that

thats a goosd use of kinect tech if it recognizes people reliabley