Wii Sales Are All Downhill From Here muses on why the Wii's sales will not return to the levels they once had.

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tacosRcool2797d ago

The Wii has been just a gimmick since day one. Shows that people don't want to buy something they will hardly use

Shoko2797d ago

It's 70+ million units strong, and 4 years-old. OF COURSE sales are going to start declining. Mostly everyone who wanted a Wii has one by now. Think man.

tacosRcool2796d ago

So who actually still plays their Wii? Most of my friends don't play it at all so its a sales gimmick and people are not falling for it anymore

-Alpha2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

The Wii is not a gimmick, but it has a poor ratio of shovelware to good games. The motion isn't nearly as sophisticated as Move, but for the time it was innovative to use. And some games used them well. A lot of crappy developers used it AS a gimmick, but by nature the motion wasn't gimmicky or bad.

The declining sales do not prove anything bad except that it's peaked its popularity-- a peak, mind you, that is far above anything MS or Sony has reached this gen.

The Wii has had some good games this gen, hell SMG2 is well on its way to being GOTY (if going by Metacritic overall scores).

Additionally Nintendo has a good list of games down the road. Kirby's Epic Yarn has also gotten strong scores.

Just because the Wii isn't always argued over in console wars doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, count, or is being enjoyed by people.

I do still have some strong criticisms about the Wii. It's outdated in terms of graphics and online. These things should be something that Nintendo focuses on. Their hardware limitations have limited a huge list of multiplats found on the other 3 major platforms

xXxSeTTriPxXx2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

and it's 140million's not because it's the fastest selling console or because it's four yrs's because it saturated it's tragiced market.alot of core gamers are not into the wii and are not apting to buy one.and the demography the wii tragiced isn't into all the upgrade such as a new console every x amount of years, soccer moms and granparents still have the same SD t.v they've had for many years so getting them to buy everything nintendo is going to be a very hard for there next consoles cycle nintendo well have to crawl back to the very demography they neglected for two console cycles in a row(witch is the core gamers).it's a slappery slop nintendo is going down right now, with M$ and sony gearing up to cut into there market share, there might not be a reason to own a wii in the furture, besides the diehard fist party nintendo fans. and whoever diagrees is either a fanboy or, the truth hurts.nintendo did great but a quick buck gimmick is always never furture proof and thats a fact.

UltraNova2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I will agree with xxx above despite his harsh way of putting things.

And Alpha you should appreciate competition, something that the Wii didn't have in its 4 years. Its not a coincidence that their sales decline now that their new found competition is offering what they are but with 10 times more quality all around (talking about Move for now, Kinect has a lot to prove).

Does anybody here think that if Move and Kinect were around at their respective system's lunch, Nintendo would have the same results? I for one say, HELL NO!

Mahr2796d ago

"Its not a coincidence that their sales decline now"

Right, it's not a coincidence because their sales have been declining for a while.

UltraNova2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


Wii sales started to decline since the announcement of both Move and Natal, not to mention their price cuts.

Only now that Move has been proven its worth and its out for sale did the huge decline start, not to mention Kinect's market push and near release day.

I mean look at the month over month numbers for the last year, its amazing how much momentum the Wii lost!

Now how's that for a coincidence? ;-)

Mahr2795d ago

"Wii sales started to decline since the announcement of both Move and Natal"

Move and Natal were not announced in 08, so, no.

"Only now that Move has been proven its worth and its out for sale did the huge decline start"

'Only now'? Wii sold 244,300 in August in the US. Then Move came out in September, where the Wii sold 254,000. If by 'huge decline', you mean 'small increase', okay.

"I mean look at the month over month numbers for the last year, its amazing how much momentum the Wii lost!"

Right, and it's been down month-on-month for the past several months.

"Now how's that for a coincidence? ;-)"

Er, post hoc ergo prompter hoc. Being down month-on-month for September doesn't mean that the Move caused that. If it did, then we would have to blame the Move for the PS3 also declining from 491,800 in September of 09 to 312,000 in September of this year.

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johnthe5th2797d ago

Exactly. Since every human being seems to own one (and has absolutely no excuse not to) I don't see where else the sales can go :P

Orionsangel2796d ago

It was a gimmick and a good one. People were curious. Nintendo knows how to lure them in, a smart move on their part coming from prior gen which saw the Gamecube coming in last place. Nintendo knew they'd get the Zelda, Mario, Metroid fans for their next console, but it would be a repeat of the cube. How can we impress not just Nintendo fans, but the world. Motion control. It worked and made them millions. From a business stand point it's brilliant, from a modern gamers pov, who likes the best graphics, HD and his crowded online community with friends, not so good.

eagle212796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Call me when the other consoles have sold 75 million. :)

Wii had 5 out of the 10 best selling games of 2010 so far in the NPD report yesterday. 360 had 3 and PS3 had 1.

I bet Wii will sell millions this holiday. :)

Enigma_20992795d ago

... and yet this "gimmick" is now being copied by it's two main competitors...

Why rip off a potential "failure?"

As for the article itself... did they expect sales to remain strong right up to it's retirement? The market is saturated with Wiis at this point. People aren't buying as many because they probably already have one.

It also doubles as a [email protected]$$ GameCube.

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matey2797d ago

wii graphics as of late are amazing and better than 360 in some cases and with about 2 years left in the current wii it doesnt matter if they sell a quarter of what they did 2-4 years ago as the wii has smashed the ps2 in terms of records ect so the wii has done its job already it needs to simmer down now so we get the wii2 that metroid creator says will leave u with your jaw on the floor

Calm Down Sunshine2797d ago

I'm still not sure why I bought one of these..

pcz2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Nintendo are still laughing all the way to the bank.

Seferoth752797d ago

When you are the fastest selling console in history it happens. Especially since Nintendo is getting their honestly unlike Sony who had to have a console with a 100% failure rate until a class action lawsuit.

Of course many nongamers will make "why did I buy it comments" I don't know but if you are not using it for the truckload of games out you must not be a gamer.

Still it isnt like sales matter. Not stopping me from enjoying the console

Calm Down Sunshine2797d ago

"truckload of games"

Oh jesus no.

There's about 10 worth getting, most of which don't offer anything overly fantastic, or anything at all, in the multiplayer department.

Calm Down Sunshine2796d ago

Anyone going to prove me wrong?

It's all too easy to press disagree then dash in to the night.

PirateThom2796d ago

I, frankly, don't disagree... for all the talk of "great new gameplay experiences", there's very little on Wii that is "new" never mind great.

Multiplayer aside, because it's irrlevent to me, there is a handful of a good Wii games... that just DIDN'T need to be on Wii with that controller.

Enigma_20992795d ago

... but since lack of multiplayer = fail in your eyes, what's the point?

Eu2796d ago

"Especially since Nintendo is getting their honestly unlike Sony who had to have a console with a 100% failure rate until a class action lawsuit."

??? Im looking at my launch PS2 here, that still works perfectly, and Im still trying to discover what you're talking about....

Besides some BS you've said, Wii sold more on price alone than quality of its shovelware and a the fery few and sparce good games that came out to it.

Nintendo will keep selling on price for the next few years. That and the eventual good game that is.

Seferoth752794d ago

Yes kid I am sure you are looking at your launch console PS2.... Not going to argue facts with some first gen child too stupid to look into things before running their.

Sony being sued into fixing the PS2 is common knowledge. Why don't you pull your head out of your a$$ for 5 minutes and Google some history

Britney Spears2795d ago

lol seferoth is mad wii has crap graphics and most of the owners are not even real gamers. ps3 is currently outselling wii in japan and it cost more...

Seferoth752794d ago

LOL someone is a poor delusional fanboy.. Sad that you live in the US and have to pull up Japan to have an area where PS3 sales are decent.

Too bad PS3 is 36million behind Wii with no chance of catching up..

Who is more upset? Me with the console with the highest rated games this gen, or you who paid for so much more and cant even get a better game than a last gen console?
2 biggest areas PS3 fails. Not a single PS3 game is rated as high as SMG2 and not a single PS3 game can touch the highest selling Wii game.

In fact 4 years into the consoles life MGS is still one of the best selling. It isnt selling any more and hasnt for a long time but PS3 gamers are not game buyers. All those great PS3 exclusives that came out in the last 5 years have failed to match the sales on a 4 year old game. Why? Because most of the PS3 user base is a bunch of casual gaming children like you who know nothing about gaming.

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