Fable III Arrives, Unboxing Pics

Microsoft and the talented people at Lionhead Studios are about to release the third installment of the ambitious Fable series for the Xbox 360. Set to release next week, Fable 3 will offer more gameplay options and features than the previous two entries and looks to deliver on many of Peter Molyneux's promises.

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SuperSaiyan42770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Would have been a little more exciting to have seen the collectors edition unboxed imo.

Blaze9292770d ago

unboxing a regular edition of a game? Something that always includes the usual box, manual, and disc? lmao - only on N4G. I agree @SuperSaiyan4.

inb4 we start posting unboxings videos of the shipping boxes these game boxes come in -_-

tmoss7262770d ago

How is it coop...? Like the last one? I hope better though.

T9X692770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Co-op this time is how it should have been in Fable 2. All open, with no restrictions. Either player can go where ever they want when they want. You can even marry your co-op partner to.

EDIT: Oh and you use your own created character, weapons, etc. No more of that henchmen crap.

Eiffel2770d ago

Really? Oh thank god. I remember me and my friend picked up Fable 2 at launch and tried out coop, thinking we could use our own characters. Lot of "wtf" exchanged.

mikhail_tisoy2770d ago

i hope u can bring your own hero in COUCH coop

offdawall2770d ago ShowReplies(1)
tabsf12770d ago

Can't wait for this game

Had Fable on Xbox
Had Fable II on Xbox 360
getting Fable III on PC Games for Windows Live

Cheapest version and going to be far superior

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