The Cost of Going Pro In Rock Band 3 write "Ok, so back earlier this year at E3, I was stoked to see the new features in Rock Band 3. The ‘Pro Mode’ was going to be the ultimate mode in the franchise series, especially with the introduction of the Keyboard and the new ‘realistic’ Pro Guitar. Yes Harmonix showed off the new features and they talked a lot about the new peripherals. I have got to admit, I liked what I saw, but the one thing that wasn’t really discussed was how much would the new peripherals cost? They gave the impression it would be ‘affordable’, which could not be further from the truth."

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seinfan2801d ago

I don't know what the conversion rate is, but I'd rather just get an actual starter kit guitar and amp (and learn how to play) rather than a controller that simulates playing a cover of songs most people probably don't listen to.

Myst2801d ago

It will be 159 or something like that if I remember correctly this is for the insane button ones though the other one that is supposed to be more like a guitar will probably be higher I assume.

Danteh2801d ago

Lol my guitar is like the one in the photo but black instead of red :P

I think instead of spending 300 € in a rock band set you are better off buying real instruments, it's more useful and rewarding ^^

Myst2800d ago

lol I just noticed this is 1 day ago, but I just want to say I have an instrument Fender squire.

r4nger2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Isn't there a guitar controler coming out which is actually a guitar - and it'll help you learn the actual guitar part?

Below: If thats the case then sweet - it'll save me some moolah :D

BoneIdle2801d ago

Think you can plug any real Guitar into it and it will work but im awaiting confirmation on this.

Myst2801d ago

Think its the opposite, you buy their guitar and can use it as a real one.

iistuii2801d ago

Got my ION Drums, so I'm ready for pro mode.

djfullshred2801d ago

LOL, give me a real guitar & I'll shred all of ya. No game attachment necessary.

iistuii2801d ago

However with that type of answer it's like me saying about GT5 give me a real Ferrari and I'll burn the lot of ya. It's a game.

El_Colombiano2801d ago

I doubt anybody buys these games thinking it will help them play real instruments at all. Your argument is invalid.

venomcarnage892801d ago

Got a PS3 by chance? I jam in chat rooms like everyday, PM me your PSN if you want to shred together sometime its always better to have more guitarists around.

NarooN2801d ago

Well since of the pro guitars in RB3 is a REAL Fender Squier Stratocaster, you WILL be able to play an actual guitar if you can learn Expert difficulty and complete all the lessons. The guys at HMX said you'd be an adequate campfire guitarist after RB3's pro mode. No one is obviously gonna become Joe Satriani overnight or anything.

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Der_Kommandant2801d ago

I'd Rather buy a real Ibanez RG series guitar

ThatArtGuy2801d ago

I have an RG350. It's awesome.

Blinding_Solo2801d ago

Ibanez is my favorite guitar company. I have a RG5 EX1 with EMG's. Ibanez is the best when it comes to the double cutaway designs. I also have a Custom Jackson Randy Rhoads V with EMG's.

venomcarnage892801d ago

Ibanez RG's rock I have one as well, just upgraded the Pups and it plays beautifully.

Beats paying a few grand haha.

huzzaahh2801d ago

I'd rather get an S series guitar. My RG is all right, but obviously nothing special.

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Shield2801d ago

Okay technically it's three words but they spell it as one word. ;) Anyway, I have a YouRockGuitar and it's simply awesome. Not only is it a Guitar but it's also a game controller. The YRG has a boat load of features, it does so much you have to check it out for yourself.

There are also tons of YouTube videos on the YRG as well.

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