A Response to 'Is 'Enslaved' video game racially insensitive?'

A columnist at NBC’s Grio recently wrote an article saying to us that Enslaved is racially insensitive. I could easily just answer this by saying a big fat NO and move on, but what sort of editorial would this be.

WARNING: There are some Enslaved spoilers, so read at your discretion.

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tacosRcool2890d ago

Everything's racist to some people

jimsondanet2889d ago

Its like that black dude bagging Resi 5 for all the black people you kill, never mind it was set in africa, or all the white people killed throughout the series.

FCOLitsjustagame2889d ago

Monkey wasn't particularly tan and his voice work and mocaps were not from a black man.

Though I personally thought trip was a little witch for enslaving Monkey and see no real excuse for it, the thought of racial overtones never occured to me. It seems that if it occurs to anyone else that tells you more about that person then the Enslaved game itself.

Slavery is wrong, race not withstanding. So to say the plot is stupid and bad for having a "good guy" type character justifying enslaving another person is wrong I can get behind and I would respect anyone that says it. To say that the plot is stupid and bad due to racial overtones is just foolish, misses the point of slavery being evil in and of itself, and makes me have no respect for the person that says it.

MorganX2888d ago

Utterly ridiculous. Obviously the columnist had nothing to write about.